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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


dead (hn hn fang bnda snum ok var -end); cf. 'eyrendr'.
r-falr, m. socket of an arrow-head.
r-fer, f. fate, doom;
-firi. n., -fjara, f. an out-going, ebbing.
rga (a), v. = rga (. augunum).
r-gti, m. cheer, fare.
rglast (a), v. refl. to rise up (hann rgiaist egar ftr).
r-grynni, n. countless multitude, = grynni; -hilpr, a. helpless;
-jarta, a. indecl. out of heart, having lost heart;
-hf, -hfi, n. = -f, -fi.
rk (gen. arkar and erkr, pl. arkir), f. (1) ark, chest (gengr Vigds inn ok til erkr eirar, er . tti); (2) coffin.
rku-ftr, m. the foot of a chest.
rkn, n. a kind of seal.
r-kola, a. indecl. burnt out; fig., verr -kola fyrir mrgum, many are at the end of their resources;
-kosta, f. good fare, provisions;
kostr, m. (1) resource, means; (2) abundance (-kostr hvera);
-kuml, -kumbl, n. lasting scar, bodily blemish, maiming, mutilation (lifa vi -kuml);
-kumla (a). v. to maim, mutilate; -kumlar mar, a maimed invalid.
rkumla-lauss, a. unmaimed, unblemished; s mar fll ok var aldri -lauss mean hann lifi, he was ever after a cripple so long as he lived; .-mar, m. = rkumlar mar.
r-kunnast (a), v. refl. to degenerate;
, n. maim = -kuml;
-kynja, a. indecl. degenerate;
-kynjast (a), v. to degenerate (-kynjazt hefir ok afspringi fur ns me r).
rlags-rr, m. thread of life.
r-ltr, a. open-handed;
leikr, m. liberality, munificence.
r-lendast, -lendis, -lendr, a., see 'erlendast', &c.
r-liga, adv. largely, abundantly;
-ligr, a. abundant (-ligr vxtr);
-lyndi, f. bountiful mind;
-lyndr, a. (1) bountiful, liberal, free-handed; (2) impetuous, headstrong;
lti, n. liberality, charitableness.
r-lygi, n. fight, war;
lg, n. pl. fate, doom, fortunes (segja fyrir, sj fyrir, -lg manna); at er likast, at liin s min -lg, that my life-time is at an end; ef nornir ra -lgum manna, if the Norms rule over the fortunes of men.
rlg-lauss, a. futureless, with fortune still undecided;
-smu, n. pl., -ttir, m. pl. threads, strands of fate (snru af afli -ttu).
r-malr, m. arrow-case, quiver.
r-mlugr, a. hasty of speech.
r-mul, n. pl. remnants, traces (engi -mul fundust af Hreki).
, m. quiver, = rva-mlir.
rn (gen. arnar, pl. ernir, acc. rnu), m. eagle (gunni at heyja ok glaa rnu).
rna, gen. pl.; see 'erendi'.
r-nafn, -nefni, n. local name (hann skyldi af hans nafni rnefni gefa).
, a. hasty of speech, frank, outspoken, = rmlugr.
r-f, n. immensity (-f manna ok vpna); -fi vetra r vri jr of skpu, winters unnumbered ere earth was fashioned.
rr, n. scar (hann hafi . andliti).
rr (acc. rvan), a. (1) swift, ready; neut., rt, fast; sinn rak sv rt, at, the ice drifted so fast, that; (2) liberal, open-handed (allra manna rvastr); neut., rt, fully, quite; eigi rt hlfr fjri tugr manna, not quite thirty-five men; (3) active, energetic.
rrttr, a. scarred, covered with scars (hendr rrttar).
, a. sheepless, = saulauss;
-sekr, a. 'clear of guilt', free;
-skamma, a. indecl. shameless, unblushing;
-skemd, f. a great shame, disgrace;
-skemmiliga, adv. shamelessly, unblushingly.
rskipta-mar, m. an eccentric, overbearing person.
r-skipti, n. pl. eccentricity, strange affairs; segja fr nkkurs konar -skiptum, to relate strange things.
r-skot, n. arrow-shot, = -drag.
rskots-helgr, f. asylum or sanctuary within arrow-shot;
-lengd, f. range of an arrow.
r-skreir, a. swift-gliding, of a ship (skipin vru rskrei).
r-taka,a. indecl. losing one's grasp; vera -taka, to lose hold.

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