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Roman Scandinavia - Primary Sources

We are very happy to be able to post this compilation of source literature which was compiled by Eric Anctil. The purpose of this source book is to study the land of Scandinavia and its indigenous peoples from a classical and medieval perspective using a selection of Greek and Latin primary sources in English translation. Many thanks go to Eric whose dedication and hard work brings this valuable resource to the internet public.

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Ancient Greece, ca. 800 BCE - 120 BCE


The Odyssey
The Odyssey


The Histories 3.115-116, 4.13-16, 4.20, 4.24-27, 4.30-36
The Histories 3.115-116, 4.13-16, 4.20, 4.24-27, 4.30-36


Pythian Odes 10.25
Pythian Odes 10.25
Isthmian Odes 10.25
Isthmian Odes 10.25
Olympian Odes 3.16
Olympian Odes 3.16


Epinician Odes 3.55
Epinician Odes 3.55


Description of Greece
Description of Greece


Ancient Roman, 120 BCE - ca. 410 BCE

Caius Julius Caesar [ca. 100 BCE - 44 CE]

Commentarii de Bello Gallico I.48-51, IV.1-3, V.12-14, VI.21-24
Commentaries on the Gallic Wars I.48-51, IV.1-3, V.12-14, VI.21-24

Augustus [63 BCE - 14 CE]

Res Gestae divi Augusti (Latin) 26
Res Gestae divi Augusti (Greek) 26
The Deeds of the Divine Augustus 26

Caius Velleius Paterculus [Before 20 BCE - after 30 CE]

Romanae Historiae II.cvi.1-3
History of Rome II.cvi.1-3

Strabo [ca. 64 BCE - ca. 21 CE]

Geographica 1.4.2-5, 2.1.18, 2.4.1-2, 2.5.8, 2.5.26, 2.5.43, 4.5.5, 7.1.1-3, 7.2.1-4
Geography 1.4.2-5, 2.1.18, 2.4.1-2, 2.5.8, 2.5.26, 2.5.43, 4.5.5, 7.1.1-3, 7.2.1-4

Pomponius Mela [Period of Claudius]

De Chorographia III.3.31-32, III.5.36-37, III.6.54-58
Description of the World III.3.31-32, III.5.36-37, III.6.54-58

Caius Plinius Secundus [23 CE - 79 CE]

Naturalis Historia II.lxxvii.186-187, II.xcix.217, II.cxii.246, IV.xiii.94-IV.xvi.104, VI.xxxix.219-220, VIII.xvi.39, XXXVII.xi.42-46
Natural History II.lxxvii.186-187, II.xcix.217, II.cxii.246, IV.xiii.94-IV.xvi.104, VI.xxxix.219-220, VIII.xvi.39, XXXVII.xi.42-46

Publius Cornelius Tacitus [ca. 55 CE - 120 CE]

De Vita Iulii Agricolae 10-12
The Life of Julius Agricola 10-12
De Origine et Situ Germanorum 1-27, 35-46
The Earliest Beginnings and the Land of the Germans 35-46

Klaudios Ptolemaios [2nd century CE]

Geographia, I.xx, I.xxiii-xxiv, II.ii, II.x, III.v, VI.xvi, VII.v (abridged)
Geography, I.xx, I.xxiii-xxiv, II.ii, II.x, III.v, VI.xvi, VII.v (abridged)

Ploutarchos [ca. 46 CE - ca. 126 CE]

Caius Marius xi, xv
Life of Caius Marius xi, xv

Cassius Dio Cocceianus [ca. 164/165 CE - after 229 CE]

Romaika XXVII.92.2
Roman History XXVII.92.2

Caius Julius Solinus (Polyhistor) [3rd century CE]

Collectanea rerum memorabilia
Gallery of Wonderful Things xxv, xxix, xxxii, xxxiiii

Late Antiquity, ca. 410 CE - ca. 550 CE

Martianus Capella [5th century CE]

De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii VI.595, VI.608-609
Concerning the Marriage of Mercury and Philology VI.595, VI.608-609

Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus (Senator) [ca. 490 CE - ca. 585 CE]

Variae Epistolae praefatio.11, V.1-2, IX.25
The Letters of Cassiodorus preface.11, V.1-2, IX.25

Prokopios of Caesarea [6th century CE]

Polemon III.ii.1-6, VI.xiv-xv, VII.ii.1-3
History of the Wars III.ii.1-6, VI.xiv-xv, VII.ii.1-3

Jordanes [6th century CE]

De origine actibusque Getarum I-IV
The Origin and Deeds of the Goths I-IV

Early Medieval, ca. 550 - ca. 800 CE

Copyright © 2000 by Eric Anctil. All rights reserved.
All source materials are exclusively the property
of their original authors.
Copyrighted source materials were printed in this document without permission.

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Most of the material on this site is in the public domain. However, many people have worked very hard to bring these texts to you so if you do use the work, we would appreciate it if you could give credit to both the Northvegr site and to the individuals who worked to bring you these texts. A small number of texts are copyrighted and cannot be used without the author's permission. Any text that is copyrighted will have a clear notation of such on the main index page for that text. Inquiries can be sent to Northvegr™ and the Northvegr symbol are trademarks and service marks of the Northvegr Foundation.

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