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Reclaiming the Holy Fylfot

Reclaiming the Fylfot from those who have misused it

      It is our intention to reclaim the Fylfot (more commonly known as the swastika), one of our most holy symbols in the Northern Traditions. I will reiterate that we have no ties what so ever with racist or hate groups or propaganda. We at Northvegr Félag say those who use our holy symbols and/or our ways to promote such agendas dishonor our ways and our god/esses and will receive that which they deserve. We do not in any way deny the suffering and pain that the Jews experienced during the holocaust. What we do want to do is educate all, about the history of this ancient symbol so that the few decades of it's misuse can be put in proper perspective to it's thousands of years of history.

Educating the Public about the History of the Fylfot

        In Northern Tradition, the Fylfot has a long history. It is commonly used as a symbol of Thorr's hammer; Mjolnirr or Thorr himself. It was commonly found carved into rocks along with Thor's hammer and is used as a symbol of blessing just as Mjolnirr is.

      We will be adding more content to this site soon, so please check back often.

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Now in the Northern European Studies Texts section!

The Swastika.

The Earliest known Symbol and its migrations with observations on the migration of certain industries in prehistoric times.

by Thomas Wilson
Curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology, U.S. National Museum.

      We are pleased to announce that we now have the full text of this work that was first published in 1894. We feel this is an important work that should be read because it is a scholarly study of the Sun Wheel before it's misuse by the Nazi's foisted an extreme prejudice upon one of the most holy symbols in Northern Tradition. There are over 370 illustrations that accompany this text. To view the text in the Lore Texts section click here.

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