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Northern European Studies Texts

We are working on providing our entire Northern European Studies Texts section in Adobe .PDF format. Check back often!

Our goal is to provide the whole of our Northern European Studies Texts section in PDF format. If you have the ability to create PDF files and would like to help us in that goal contact us at

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Primary SourcesSecondary Sources
The EddasFolklore and Myth
Histories and ChroniclesReligion, Culture and History
SagasGermanic Studies
Misc. Primary SourcesIndo-European and General Medieval Studies

Available in Adobe .PDF format = Available in Adobe .PDF format

Primary Sources
=> The Eddas
The Poetic Edda (Thorpe Trans.) -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 2.82 Mb    New!
The Poetic Edda (Cottle Trans.) -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 412 k
The Prose Edda (Brodeur Trans.) -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 668 k

=>Histories and Chronicles
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 1.17 Mb

=> Sagas

=> Histories and Chronicles
Jordanes' Origin and Deeds of the Goths
-    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 385 k

Secondary Sources
=> Folklore and Myth

= > Religion, Culture and History
The Culture of the Teutons - Vol. 1 -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 1.07 Mb

=> Germanic Studies
The Invasion of Europe By the Barbarians -    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 589 k

=> Indo-European and General Medieval Studies
The Swastika (Part 1)    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 8.06 Mb

The Swastika (Part 2)    Get it in Adobe .PDF format - 5.01 Mb

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