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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


÷mbuna (a­), v. to reward, make a return for (÷. e-m e-t).
÷mbunari, m. rewarder.
÷mstr, m. stack, rick, = amstr.
÷murligr, a. detestable, disgusting.
÷nd, f. porch, = anddyri.
÷nd (gen. andar, pl. endr and andir), f. duck (fundu ■eir ■ar andir margar; endr ok elptr).
÷nd (gen. andar, dat. ÷nd and ÷ndu; pl. andir), f. (1) breath; draga ÷ndina, to draw breath; verpa, varpa ÷ndu, to draw a sigh; (2) breath, life; třna ÷ndu, to lose breath, die; fara ÷ndu e-s, to put to death; (3) soul; fela gu­i ÷. sÝna ß hendi, to give over one's soul into God's hands.
÷nd- = and-, before v and u.
÷ndˇttr, a. fiery, awful, of the eyes.
÷ndugi, n. the high-seat, = ÷ndvegi.
÷ndur­r, a. = ÷ndver­r.
, m. = andri.
÷nd-vegi, n. high-seat (sitja Ý -vegi).
÷ndvegis-h÷ldr, -ma­r, m. the man sitting in the high-seat (÷ndvegi) opposite to the lord of the house, the king's first man; -s˙la, f. high-seat post or pillar.
÷nd-ver­a, f. beginning (fyrir -ver­u heims ■essa); -ver­liga, adv. early, at the outset; -ver­r and -ur­r, a. (1) standing face to face (-ur­ir skulu ernir klˇast); (2) lying in front; Ý -ur­ri fylkingu, in the front of the battalion; (3) of time, coming first, earlier, former (part of a period); ß -ver­um vetri, in the beginning of the winter; bŠ­i -ver­ar nŠtr ok ofan-ver­ar, both in the beginning and end of the night; af -ver­u, from the beginning; fyrir -ver­u, at the outset.
°ngd, f. strait, affliction.
÷ng-, °ng-leiki, m. straitness, narrowness; -liga, adv. in straits (-liga staddr).
°ngr (acc. -van), pron. none, = engi.
÷ngr and °ngr, a. narrow, strait.
÷ngull (pl. ÷nglar), m. fish-hook.
°ngva (­a, - ­r), v. to straiten, oppress (°. e-m).
÷ngva (a­), , v. to press (÷. saman).
÷ngvar, f. pl. straits; aka ˇr ÷ngum, to get out of a strait.
°ngving, f. distress, affliction.
÷ng-vit, n. fainting-fit, swoon, = ˙vit (falla Ý -vit); -vŠrr, a. in anguish, distressed; -■veiti, n. straits; koma Ý -■veiti, to get into a strait.
÷nn (gen. annar, pl. annir), f. (1) work, business, trouble; harin var Ý mikilli ÷., very busy; fß e-m ÷., to give one trouble; (2) pl. annir, working season, esp. the hay-making season, (en ■etta var of annir).
÷nn, f. for '÷nd' = anddyri (?)
÷nn-kostr, m., in the phrase, fyrir -kost, intentionally, purposely; sigla skipi ß sker fyrir -kost, to run a ship ashore purposely.
÷nnugr, a. busy (÷. Ý e-u).
÷nnungr, m. labourer, toiler.
÷nnungs-verk, n. hard work.
÷r (gen. -var, pl. -var), f. arrow; skjˇta ÷ru, to shoot an arrow; frequently used as a token sent round to summon a meeting (skera ÷r, skera ÷r upp); cf.'her÷r'.
°r-, a prefixed particle, prop. = ˇr; also spelt eyr-, er- (eyrendi, erendi).
°r-bjarga, a. indecl. helpless.
÷r­ (gen. ar­ar), f. crop, produce.
÷r­ga or ÷rga (), v. to raise, lift (÷. augum); ÷r­gast upp sem leo, to rise to one's feet like a lion.
÷r­igr, a. (1) erect, upright, rising on end; rÝss hestrinn ÷. undir honum, the horse rears under him; (2) fig. difficult, arduous (en hitt mun mÚr ÷r­igra ■ykkja at l˙ta til Sel■ˇris); (3) harsh, hard (sumt ■ykkir heldr ÷r­igt Ý or­um konungs).
÷r-drag, n. arrow-shot, used to express distance (Sveinki mun eigi flřja eitt -drag).
°r-eig­, f. utter poverty, destitution;
-eigi, m. indigent (destitute) person; a. indecl. destitute, poor;
-eign, f. = eig­ (÷reignarinnar eldr).
°r-endi (from '°r' and '÷nd'), n. (1) breath; e-n ■rřtr -endit, one's breath fails, one loses breath; ١rr ■reytir ß drykkjuna, sem honum vannst til -endi, Thor drank hard while his breath lasted; (2) strophe, stanza (of a poem); cf. 'erendi, eyrendi, eyrindi';
-endr, a. having breathed one's last,

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