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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


malicious trick; -lauss, a. unenvied; -mar, m. ill-wisher, enemy; -ml, n. slander, calumny; -or, n. pl. words of envy, slander; -samr, a. envious; -verk, n. work of envy; -ttr, m. = -verk.
fund-fullr, a. envious; -kent, a. n. = fundar-kent (e-m er -kent vi e-n); -lauss, a. unenvied; -samliga, adv. enviously; -samr, a. (1) envious; (2) causing envy, envied; -sjkr, a. envious, jealous; -ski, f. envy.
fsa, f. thanks, gratitude, = aufsa.
fsu-gestr, m. a welcome guest.
gn (gen. agnar, pl. agnar, agnir), f. chaff, husks (blanda agnar ok sir vi brau).
gr, n. inlet, small bay.
kkvinn, a. thick, clodded (. hleifr).
kla (pl. klu), n. ankle.
kla-eldr. m. a fire reaching to the ankles; -lir, m. ankle-joint.
kul-brkr, f. pl. breeches reaching down to the ankles; -skar, pp. wearing shoes up to the ankles.
ku-vegr, m. carriage road, cart road (-vegrinn var ekki breir).
kvisi, m., see 'aukvisi'.
l (dat. lvi, gen. pl. lva), n. ale.
l-bekkr, m. ale-bench, drinking-bench; sitja -bekki, to sit drinking.
l-bogi, m., see 'lnbogi'.
l-b, f. ale-booth.
ld (gen. aldar, pl. aldir), f. (1) time, age (var . hans g landsflkinu); of allar aldir, through all ages; at alda li, to everlasting possession, for ever; (2) cycle, period; gamla ., the old cycle; (3) poet., men, people; alda brn, children of men.
ldr, n. (1) ale (drekka ldr); (2) drinking-party (at ldri ok at ti).
ldr-ml, n. pl. talk over ale.
l-drukkinn, pp. drunk with ale; -drykkja, f. ale-drinking; -drykkjar, m. pl. drinking-mates.
ldungr (-s, -ar), m. (1) elder, alder-man; senator; (2) hero, champion (mikinn ldung hfum vr hr at velli lagt); (3) old bull.
ldunga-h, f. hide of an old bull (hann ltr breia eina -h).
ldur-mar, m. alderman, man of rank; -mannligr, a. aldermanlike, portly, venerable.
l-eysill, m. ale-ladle; -fng, n. pl. ale-stores; -ggn, n. pl. drinking vessels; -gr, f. ale making, brewing.
lgrar-mar, m. brewer.
l-hita, f. ale-brewing; -horn, n. ale-horn, drinking-horn; -ktr, a. merry with ale; -kelda, f. mineral well; -ker, n. ale-cask; -kjll, m. ale-cauldron; -krsir, f. ale-dainties.
llungis, adv. altogether, quite.
l-ml, n. pl. talk over ale, table-talk, -mr, a. dull with drink.
lmusa, f. (1) alms, charity (gera. e-m lmusu); (2) imbecile person (eru r lmusur hj mr).
lmusu-barn, n. pauper child; -gjarn, a. charitable; -gjf, f. alms-giving; -gr, a. = -gjarn; -gi, f. charitableness; -kona, f. poor woman; -mar, m. almsman; -moli, m. crumb of charity (urfandi -mola).
l-mli, n. = lml, ldrml.
ln (gen. alnar, pl. alnar, alnir), f. (1) fore-arm; (2) cubit, ell.
lnboga-bt, f. the hollow of the arm; cf. 'knsbt'.
ln-bogi, m. elbow.
l-r, a. drunk (hann var -r).
lr, a. drunk (. ek var).
lr, m. alder-tree, = elrir.
l-reifr, a. = -ktr; -rnar, f. pl. a kind of runes; -selja, f. a female cup-bearer; -sir, m. a custom at a drinking-party; -skl, f. ale-cup; -stofa, f. ale-room, drinking-hall.
lstr, n. alder-bush (?).
l-teiti, f. cheer, merriment, over drink , -teitr, a. = -ktr; -tl, n. drinking-vessel.
l-, f. sincerity, affection; taka vi e-m me -, to give one a hearty reception; veita me -, to give hospitable treatment.
lar-vin, m. sincere friend.
lvar, pp. worse for drink, tipsy.
l-vr, f. = l (taka vi e-m me -vr);
-vrliga, adv. heartily;
-vrr, a. affectionate, kind.
mbun, f. payment for service reward, return (ef eir mtti hafa . erfiis sns).

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