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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


last or last (a), v. refl. to win, gain as property, get for oneself (ef vill . stir mnar).
li, n. origin, extraction, = eli.
li, in the phr. at aldar li, in everlasting possession.
lingr, m. a noble captain, prince.
ru-vs, -vsa, -vsi, -vsu, adv. otherwise, in another manner.
fga (a), v. (1) to reverse (allir stafir eru fgair ess nafns [Eva] ok grt af Ave); (2) to distort, misrepresent (. or e-s).
flgast (a), v. refl. to get strong, wax ( flgaist girni til fjr); . mti e-m, to rise strong against.
flugr, a. strong, powerful (mikill vexti ok .); leggja figa hnd e-n, to lay violent hands on one.
flun, f. gain, = aflan.
flunar-mar, m. a good steward.
fri, fstr, see 'efri', 'efstr'.
fugr, a. (1) turned the wrong way with the tail or back foremost; ganga, hlaupa ., to walk, leap backward; drepa, hggva fgri hendi, with the back of the hand; (2) unkind, harsh (mla fugt or til e-s).
fund, f. grudge, envy, ill-will, hatred (sakir fundar via Nregs konung); e-rn leikr (vex) . e-u, one envies, feels envy at; verk at var me hinni mestu ., that act was the object of the greatest indignation.
funda (a), v. to envy, bear a grudge against (. e-n); . vinsld e-s, to envy his popularity; . e-n vi e-n, to disparage one.
fundar-andi, m. malice;
-bl, n. blood shed in enmity;
-brag, n. malicious trick;
-f, n. money which is a cause of envy;
-flokkr, m. a troop of ill-wishers (-menn);
-fullr, a. full of envy;
-grein, f. hostile quarrel;
-kent, a. n., e-m er -kent til e-s, one bears malice to a person;
-krkr, m.

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