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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


., to run mad; hann geri at eigi rslum, in fits of madness; stormr mikill me rslum, a violent gale.
rsla, f. madness, fury.
rela-fullr, a. raging, raving, (-full grimd mur innar);
-lti, n. pl. ravings;
-stt, f. madness.
sa (-ta, -tr), v. to stir up, excite; . fri, to stir up war; . e-n fram, to egg on; impers., sti storminn sv, at, the storm became so violent, that; refl., sast, to be stirred up, swell (vtn sast, eldr sist).
si-, with adjectives and nouns, violently, very (-mikill, -hvatlig)
-frost, a sharp frost.
si-liga, adv. violently, furiously (falla vtnin -liga);
-ligr, a. vehement (-lig stt).
sing, f. vehemence, fury (me sv miklum singi, at).
singr, m. vehemence, fury (me sv miklum singi, at).
sir, m. inciter, stirrer, ringleader.
ska, f. youth, childhood.
ski-liga, adv. to one's wishes
-ligr, a. to be wished (-lig hvild); -ligr sonr, an adopted son.
skingar-sonr, m. = skasonr.
skja (-ta, -tr). v. to wish (ess ski ek, at ek list ilft elf eptir dauann); . e-m. e-s (or e-t), to wish a thing, for one.
sku-aldr, m. youthful days or age, youth;
-blmi, m. flower of youth;
-brag, n. youthful trick;
a. youthful;
-glei, f. glee of youth;
-mar, m. a youth;
-mt, n. youth-dress;
-skei, n. the prime of life; vera af -skeii, to be no longaer a young man;
-synd, f. sin of one's youth (-syndir mnar ok vizkur).
str, pp. excited, eager, ardent; . mu, eager for fight; neut. st as adv. = siliga.
xi, n. excrescence (on the body).
xla (xlta or xta, xltr or xtr), v. to cause to increase (dvergrinn lzt mega . sr f af bauginum); xti hn ldrykkjur, she made a great ale-drinking.
xla (a), v. = xla (xlta).
xling, f. increase.

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