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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a (dda, dd.-), v. to make furious; mostly refl , ast, to become frantic or furious (hestrinn ddist ok sleit reipin).
i, f. (1) rage, fury (R. spratt upp af . mikilli ok mlti); (2) madness, frenzy.
i, n. nature, disposition, mind, also manners (hann hafi mjk sr kaupmanns .); er at ok ekki vi itt oe., it does not suit thee.
i-fullr, a. furious;
-saraligr, a. = -fullr;
-stormr, m. furious gale;
-straumr, m. furious current;
-ver, n. = -stormr;
-verkr, m. furious pain;
-vindr, m. = -ver.
r, a. that may be waded, fordable, = vr (in var eigi ).
ri, a. compar., ztr, a. superl. higher, highest; (1) in a local sense; uppi ok niri leitaa ek ra vegar, up and down I sought for the higher road; ra ndvegi, ri bekkr, the upper high-seat, higher bench, opp. to ra ., ri b., the lower high-seat or bench; (2) fig. higher (highest) in rank or dignity (tlf hofgoar vru ztir).
fi-mar, m. man of violence.
fr, a. vehement, angry, chafing (var konungar sv . ok rr, at).
gi-liga, adv. terribly, threateningly;
-ligr, a. terrible, awful.
gir (gen. -is), m. frightener, terrifier (Engla . gumna ).
gis-heimr, m. poet. this world;
-hjlmr, m. helmet of terror; bera -hjlm yfir e-m, to hold one in awe and submission; bera -hjlm augum, to have a terror-striking glance.
gia (-a, -r), v. (1) to make terrible, exaggerate; mjk hafa essir gir verit frsgnum, made more terrible than they are; (2) to scare, frighten, with dat. (gir mr ekki etta fgjald); impers., e-m gir, one is afraid (er eigi at, at r gi vi mik at berjast?); (3) to threaten; hn gi mr af afbri, she threatened me in her jealousy; . e-m pslum, to threaten with tortures.
gr, a. terrible, = gurligr.
liligr, a. fit to be brought up.
ll, a. fit to be fed or harboured.
mta (-mta, -mt), v. to mutter (kerlingin mtir vi innar hsinu); . e-u or e-m, to say a word to, pay attention to, take heed of.
pa (-ta, -t), v. to cry, shout (bnda mgurinn pti ok kallai, at eir vildi hann til konungs taka); . upp, to shout out; . at e-m, . e-n, to call, cry out to one; with acc., . herp, sigrp, to raise a war-cry, a shout of victory.
ra (-a, -r) v. to madden, make mad(illr andi ri Saul); refl., rast, to run mad, run wild (rast n hestarnir bir).
ri, a. compar. younger (engi mar . en tjn vetra gamall).
ri-liga, adv. furiously, madly (lta -liga);
-ligr, a. mad, absurd.
rinn, a. sufficient, = rinn, yfrinn (rin var nausyn til essa verks); er at ok rit eitt, at, it is quite sufficient that; rit fagr, fair enough til rins, sufficiently.
rr, a. mad furious (. ok rvita).
rsl, n. pl. madness, frenzy; taka

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