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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


°rtog, f. an old Norse weight, = a third part of an ounce (eyrir).
°r-ugga (), v. to comfort; -ugga sik, to cheer one's heart, take heart.
°rugg-leikr, m. (1) security, confidence; (2) fearlessness;
-liga, adv. unfailingly, without fear, boldly.
°r-uggr, a. (1) out of danger, safe, secure; (2) fearless, undaunted (-uggr Ý framg÷ngu); (3) resolved (■eir vˇru -uggir Ý ■vi at firrast Nˇreg sem mest); (4) trusty, to be relied on (gefi­ eignir ■eim, sem y÷r eru -uggir); of things, safe (-uggr Ýss, -uggt fylgsni).
÷rva (), v. to incite.
÷rva-drif, n., -drifa, f, shower of arrows;
-flug, n. flight of arrows;
-malr, -melr, -mŠlir, m. quiver.
÷rvar-bo­, n. a message or summons by an arrow;
-drag, n. = ÷rdrag;
-oddr, m. arrow-point, arrow-head;
-skapt, n. shaft of an arrow;
-skot, n. = ÷rskot;
-skur­r, m. despatching an arrow-message;
-■ing, n. an assembly summoned by means of an arrow-message.
°r-vasi, a. decrepit, worn out (gamall ok allnŠr -vasi at aldri); ß -vasa aldri, in one's old age.
°rvendr, a. left-handed (°. ma­r).
°r-verpi, n. decrepitude (?).
°r-vilnan. f. despair, despondency;
-vilnast (), v. refl. to despair (-vilnast e-s);
-viti, a. out of one's senses, frantic, mad; banvŠnn ok nŠr -viti, sinking fast and well-nigh senseless;
-vinan, f. vinegar;
-vŠna, f. anything beyond hope; mÚr er Sveins ß engri stundu -vŠna, I may expect S. at any time;
-vŠni, n. 'non-expectation'; vissi engi hans nßttsta­, ok engi hans -vŠni, nobody knew when he might not be expected, no one fell safe from him;
-vŠnliga, adv. feignedly; lßta -vŠnliga, to feign, make believe;
-vŠnn, a. beyond expectation, past hope; fyrir hann var einskis -vŠnt, anything might be expected from him; eigi er -vŠnt, at, it is not unlikely, it is to be looked for, that (eigi er -vŠnt, at skjˇtt steypist hans riki);
-vŠnta (-nta, -nt), v. to despair, with gen.; einskis ills -vŠnti ek fyrir y­r, there is no wicked thing that may not be expected from you; -vŠnta sÚr e-s, to despair of; refl., -vŠntast e-s = -vŠnta sÚr e-s;
-vŠntan, f. despair, hopelessness;
-vŠtta, v. = -vŠnta (Danir orvŠntu sÚr sigrs).
°r■rif-rß­a, a. indecl. destitute of expedients, at a loss what to do (Vagn ver­r eigi -rß­a).
°r■rifs-rß­i, a. = °r■rifrß­a.
°r-ťfi, n. an open, harbourless coast-land (fyrir hafnleysis sakir ok -ťfis).
÷skra (), v. to roar, bellow.
÷skran, f. roaring, bellowing.
÷skran-ligr, a. horrible, = ÷skur-ligr (ˇp mikit ok -ligt).
÷sku-, gen. from 'aska';
-baka­r, pp. baked in ashes;
-dagr, m. Ash Wednesday;
-dreif­r, pp. besprinkled with ashes;
-dyngja, f. heap of ashes;
-fall, n. fall of ashes (from a volcano);
-f÷lr, a. ash-pale, pale as ashes;
-haugr, m. = -dyngja;
-ˇ­ins-dagr. m. = -dagr.
÷skur-liga, adv. horribly, hideously (ťpa -liga);
-ligr, a. hideous, terrible (belja -ligri r÷­u).
÷sla () v. to wade or splash (hˇn ÷slar aptr til meginlands).
÷snu-ligr, a. like a she-ass; -ligr kvern-steinn, the upper mill-stone (mola asinaria).
÷sp (gen. aspar, pl. aspir), f. aspen-tree (einstť­ sem ÷. Ý holti).
÷tu-fťrr, a. able to fight, of a horse.
°x (gen. °xar, exar, dat. and acc. °xi, exi, pl. °xar, exar), f. axe (hann haf­i Ý hendi °xi mikla).
°xa (), v. to cut or shape with an axe (°. kirkjuvi­).
°xar-egg, f. edge of an axe;
-hamarr, m. back of an axe.
°xarhamars-h÷gg, n. a blow with the back of an axe.
°xar-hyrna, f. the hooked point of an axe-blade;
-skapt, n. handle of an axe;
-tßlga, f. cutting with an axe (hvßrki hamarsh÷gg nÚ -tßlga).
°xa-trÚ, n. a beam on the house-wall for hanging up axes.
÷xl (gen. axlar, pl. axlir), f. (1) shoulder-joint, shoulder (hendr blˇ­-

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