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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ysja (ys, usta ust), v. to rush (ustu eir fram r skginum).
ys-mikill, a. noisy, uproarious.
yss, m. noise, uproar, riot ( gerist . mikill boenum).
ystr, m. noise, whistling sound (. vatna); . smbarna, cries, wailings.
(gen. -jar, dat. -ju; pl. -jar), f. bondmaid, bondwomnan.
-borinn, pp. born of a bondwoman.
a (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to win over, attach; . sr, to attach to oneself (hann ferr va um lnd ok ddi sr flkit); (2) to explain, interpret (. draum); (3) to signify (hvat tlar enna draum .?); (4) refl., ast e-n, to attach oneself to, associate with one; . e-n me vinttu, to be on a friendly footing with one; . e-m = . e-n; Uni ddist runni, dttur Leilfs, U. paid court to Th., daughter of L.; . til e-s, undir e-n, to attach oneself to, pay homage to, submit to (vildu eir heldr . undir hans konungdm en undir Sva-konung; ddust til hans margir hfingjar af rum lndum).
a, f. attachment, love.
derska, -eska, f. = verska.
erskr, -eskr, a. = verskr.
ing, f. (1) interpretation, translation; (2) sense, meaning.
-leikr, m. attachment, affection;
-ligr, a. attached, affectionate;
-lti, n. = -leikr.
r, a. kind, affectionate, affable.
-verska, f. (1) German language or custom; (2) Germany (= verskuland);
-verskr, a. German.
f, f. (1) theft; (2) stolen goods.
fr, pp. covered with little hillocks (fur), uneven, of a field (par var ft mjk).
fi, n. theft, stolen goods.
fi-gjld, n. pl. a fine for theft.
fska, f. theft, stolen goods.
zkr, a. = verskr (. sull).
giligr, a. acceptable, agreeable.
gindi, n. pl. pleasure; gera e-m e-t til ginda, to do a thing to please one,
gja (-a, -r), v. (1) to make acceptable; (2) to push roughly, shove, with dat.; orsteinn gir honum bekkinn, Th. pushes him roughly on the bench.
gr, a. acceptable, agreeable.
fa (-a, -r), v. (1) to full (. kli); (2) to press; . e-n um lisbeina, to press one for help; (3) to walk heavily, lumber (fi hn ofan til rinnar); (4) refl., fast vi, to quarrel, squabble; . til e-s, to struggle (fight) for a thing (eigi mun ek lengi . til hvlunnar vi ik).
fa, f, f. quarrel, squabble.
fni, f. disposition to quarrel.
gn (gen. agnar), f. silence; slr e-n, one is struck dumb.
gull, a. habitually silent, taciturn.
kk (gen. akkar, pl. akkir), f. (1) pleasure, liking; gera e-t til akka e-s, to one's liking, to please a person; (2) thanks (Aur tk at rne kkum); mr er . e-u, I am thankful for a thing; kunna e-m . fyrir e-t, to be much obliged to one for a thing; gera gui akkir fyrir e-t, to thank God for a thing.
ll (gen. allar), f. young fir-tree. mb (gen. ambar), f. paunch.
n (gen. anar, pl. anir), f. tenter, stretcher (eir tku grur af num).
ngull (pl. nglar), m. stein of tangle (S. greip upp einn ngulinn).
rf (gen. arfar, pl. arfar), f. want, need, necessity; e-s er ., a thing is wanted, is necessary (hn kva ess litla .); e-m er e-s ., e-m er . e-u, one is in need of; er p. verr, when wanted; ef grast arfar ess if need be; ola . e-s, to be in want of; fjr sns, er fengit hefir, skylit mar p. ola, a man should not stint himself of money he has made; rfum meirr, more than wanted, excessively; e-t kemr vel arfar, it comes to good use, comes in when wanted; vinna ., to suffice; kunna . (with infin.), to long to, feel impelled to.
rf-gi, poet. no need, not needed.

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