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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


÷­rum m÷nnum at vega menn); e-m ■ykkir mikit um e-t, one takes it much to heart (honum ■ˇtti svß mikit um fall Ëlafs konungs, at); e-m ■ykkir mikit undir e-u, one thinks it of great importance (mikit ■ˇtti sp÷kum m÷nnum undir ■vÝ, at); impers., vilda ek, at ■Úr ■ťtti eigi verr, I wish that thou wouuldst not take it amiss; ■ˇtti sinn veg hvßrum, they disagreed; ■ykki mÚr sem undan sÚ gaflveggrinn, it seems to me as though the gable-wall were down; ■ˇtti mÚr ■eir sťkja at (= sem ■eir sťkti at), methought they pressed hard on me; (3) refl., ■ykkjast, to seem to oneself, think oneself, think (en ek ■ykkjumst ■ˇ mj÷k neyddr til hafa verit); hann ■ykkist einn vita allt, he thinks he alone knows everything; ■ykkist hann mj÷k fyrir ÷­rum m÷nnum, he thinks himself far above other men; en Brynhildr ■ykkist br˙­r var-gefin, but B. will think she is ill-matched.
■ykkja, f. (1) thought; liking, sentiment, disposition; fßru ■ykkjur ■eira saman, their sentiments went together; (2) dislike, displeasure (leggja ■ykkju ß e-n or e-t).
■ykkjast (t), v. refl. to take offence at, take amiss, get angry with (■. vi­ e-t orvi­ e-n).
■ykkju-drßttr, m. discord;
-lauss, a. good-natured, careless, easy;
-mikill, a. choleric of temper.
■ykk-leikr, m. thickness;
-leitr, a. chubby-faced;
-liga, adv. proudly, sulkily (svara -liga);
-mikill, a. very thick, of weather.
■ykkna (), v. to thicken, become thick (t˛k ve­rit at ■.).
■ykkr, m. thwack, hurt.
■ykkr (acc. -van), a. thick, = ■jokkr (gar­r fimm feta ■.); ■ykkt ve­r, thick weather; ■. skˇgr, dense forest; ■ykkt hßr, thick hair.
■ykk-r÷ggva­r, pp. thick-furred;
-settr, pp. thick-set, thick-ranked;
-skipa­r, pp. thickly manned;
-skřja­r, pp. thick-clouded;
-varra­r, pp. thick-lipped;
-vaxinn, pp. thick-set, stout of growth.
■ykt, f. thickness, denseness.
■ykt, f. resentmnent, displeasure.
■ylja (■yl; ■ulda; ■uli­r, ■ulinn), v. to speak, recite, chant; to mutter to oneself; ■. Ý feld sinn, to murmur into one's cloak; refl., ■yljast um, to mutter to oneself.
■yngd, f. (1) heaviness, weight; (2) illness, sickness (H. tˇk ■ß ■. mikla ok lß ■ˇ eigi); (3) troubles (sÝ­an er vÚr mistum skipa vßrra, er oss hefir ÷ll ■. af sta­it).
■ynging, f. burden, heaviness.
■yngja (-da, -dr), v. to weigh down, make heavy; impers., sˇttinni ■yngir, the illness grows worse; ■yngir e-m, one grows worse (from illness); one grows heavy from sleep; refl., ■yngjast, to grow heavy, adverse (tekr n˙ bardaginn at ■.); e-m ■yngist = e-m ■yngir (■ß tˇk honum at ■yngjast).
■yngsl, n. pl. (1) burden; gera e-m ■., vera e-m til ■yngsla, to be a burden to one; (2) heavy affliction (mÚr ■ykkir illt, at menn hljˇti svß mj÷k ■. af mÚr).
■ynna (-ta, -tr), v. to make thin impers., ■ynnir kˇf, ■oku, the fog begins to lift.
■yrja (■ur­a), v. poet. to sweep, rush.
■yrma (-da, -t), v. (1) to deal reverently with, show respect to, keep, observe, with dat. (■. ei­um, gri­um); ■. hßtÝ­, to respect the holy-day; (2) to show mercy to, spare (■. ˙vinum sÝnum); (3) refl., ■yrmast, to display forbearance; konungr ba­ hann, at hann skyldi ■. vi­ Magn˙s konung, to forbear from violence towards king M.
■yrmi-liga, adv. gently, forbearingly.
■yrm-liga, -samliga, adv. = ■rymiliga (bundinn eigi -samliga).
■yrna-fullr, a. full of thorns.
■yrni-hjßlmr, m. thorn-helmet;
-korˇna, m. crown of thorns.
■yrnir (pl. ■yrnar), m. thorn.
■yrni-trÚ, n. thorn-bush.
■yrpast (t), v. refl. to crowd, throng (■yrptust menn at honum).
■yrsklingr, m. codling.
■yrsta (-sti, -st), v. impers., mik ■yrstir, I am thirsty (hana ■yrsti at meirr; ■ar ■yrstir j÷r­ina).
■yrstr, a. thirsty (■. til e-s, Ý e-t).
■ys-h÷ll, f. a crowded hall.

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