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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vatt-steinn, m. washing-stone;
-vfl, n. bat used in washing.
veita (-tta, -tt), v. to hurl, fling.
veiti, n. a small weight of silver.
vengr (-jar, -ir), m. thong, latchet.
verast (a), v. refl. to move athwart, aside (veraist Steinarr fram bakkann).
ver-, f. side river, tributary river;
-bak, n., um -bak. across a horse's back;
-brestr, m. cross chink;
-brot, n. a break across, breach;
-dalr, m. side dale;
-feta (a), v. to go aslant;
-fingr, m. finger's breadth;
-fjrr, m. cross-fjord, side-fjord;
-gyriingr, m. cross-girding;
-hggr, a. cut across, steep, abrupt;
-hnd, f. hands breadth;
-knta (-tta, -ttr), v. to refuse flatly;
-kominn, pp. in an awkward position;
-kyrfa (-a, -r), v. to divide (a house) across or transversely, opp. to 'at endilngu';
-liga, adv. 'athwart', flatly (neita, synja, taka e-u -liga);
-lyndi, n. refractoriness, wrong-headedness;
-lyndr, a. wrong-headed, refractory;
-neita, (a) v. to deny flatly;
-pallr, m. cross dais, the high-floor at the halls end.
verr, a. (1) athwart, transverse, opp. to 'endilangr' (tjalda um veran sklann) l hverr um annan veran, in heaps fara . fti at e-u, to be unwilling for a thing; beita vert, to sail close-hauled, near the wind; (2) adverse, contrary (ver hr ok ver); (3) cross, obstinate; hann kvazt ekki . vera v at selja skipit, he said he would not be hard about selling the ship; setja vert nei fyrir, to deny flatly; ek vil eigi vert taka, ef r er ltit um, I will not take it crossly, if it is not to thy mind.
verra (verr; varr, urrum; orrinn),
v. to wane, grow less, decrease ( enna tma urru mjk vinsldirValdemars konungs).
verra, v. to make to decrease.
vers, adv. across, athwart; hann snr . af leiinni, he turns abruptly away from the path; . mti e-u, quite contrary to.
ver-skeytingr, m. cross-wind, side-wind;
-skipa, adv. athwart the ship;
-skurr, rn. transverse cut;
-skytningr, m. = -skeytingr;
-slag, n. cross-stroke;
-stigr, m. cross-path, side-path;
-strti, n. cross-street;
-syll, f. cross-sill.
verst or later vest, n. the lean flesh underneath the blubber of a whale.
ver-taka, v. to denyflatly, = taka e-u Pvert; -tr6, n. cross-tree; 406, f. (1) discord; (2) disobedie~ce; -vegr. in. cross-way; A -veginn, across, cross-wise, athwart; -Pili, n. crossdeal, transverse Partition.
vinga (a), v. (1) to weigh down, oppress; (2) to compel, force.
vingan, f. oppression, hardship (til vingunar ok frelsis).
vis, interj. (hvis, ., af tjldin!).
viti, m. a kind of stone (tku eir mikinn stein; s heitir .).
v (prop. dat. from 'at'), adv. and conj, (1) therefore (var . ekki af ferinni; af ., therefore; (2) af . at . at, because, for (tkst eigi atreiin: v at bendr frestuu) (3) . at eins, only on that condition (4) why, = hv (only in later texts); (5) with compar., the; hann var . stslli sem hann var ellri, he was the more beloved the older he grew.
vgit=v-gi at; with compar. not the; . fleira, not the more, no more.
v-lkr, a. 'such-like', such (mundi engi eiga -lkan hest).
vsa, old dat. sing. neut., = essu; . ljsi, in this light, in this world.
ykk-byrt, a. n., hafa -byrt, to have thick, stout armour;
-blt, a. n. thick-set, studded, with hamlets;
-farit, pp. n., gera -farit, to make frequent visits.
ykkja (ykki, tta, tt), v. (1) to be thought to be, seem to be, be esteemed or reckoned as; hn tti beztr kostr, she was thought the best match; (2) with dat. it seems to one, one thinks (ykki mr r, at farir at finna Gizur hvta); e-m ykkir at e-u, one feels hurt at, takes it to heart, is displeased with (tti mnnum mikit at um vg Kjartans); mr ykkir fyrir (or fyr) e-u, I dislike, am unwilling to (mr ykkir meira. fyrir en

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