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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one; mr er ungt, segir Eyjlfr, I do not feel well, says E.
ung-reir, a. heavy to ride through;
-rr, a. difficult, laborious;
-yrkr, a. hard, severe.
unn-bygr, pp. thinly inhabited;
-blt, a. n. thinly peopled with farms;
-eggjar,a. thin-edged;
-ger, a. weak-minded, fickle;
-hrr, a. thin-haired;
-heyrr, pp. keen of hearing;
-leitr, a. thin-faced;
-meginn, a. weak, feeble.
unnr, a. thin; unnt hr, thin hair; unn ox, a thin-edged axe; urint ver, clear weather; egja unnu hlji, to keep a watchful silence.
unn-skafinn, pp. thin-scraped;
-skipar, pp. thinly manned;
-sleginn, pp. thinly beaten, thinly mounted;
-vangi, m. the temple.
urr (gen. -ar), m. decrease, waning (ekki fara ur draumarnir).
urfa (arf, urfta, urft), v. (1) to need, want (ekki arft at ganga hs mn); with gen., . e-s, or . e-s vi, to stand in need of (ek yrfta n gus miskunnar); Gunnarr kva einskis mundu vi ., G. said there was no need of anything; (2) impers., ess arf (vi), it is needed; ess yrfti, at, it would be necessary that; with acc. (hversu marga munu vr menn .); ekki var s leikr, er nkkurr yrfti vi hann at reyna, it was no use for anybody to strive with him in any game.
urfa-mar, m. poor man, needy person (-mannatund).
(pl. -endr), m. = prec.
urfi or urfa, a. wanting, in need of (lis ns vra ek .).
urfsamr, a. helping (e-m).
urft, f. (1) need, want, necessity; (2) necessary discharge esp. urine; ganga innar ynnri urftarinnar, to make water.
urftugr, a. (1) in need of (n em ek . yars fulltings); (2) poor, indigent (gamall mar ok .).
urftuligr, a. useful, profitable.
urka (a). v. to dry, make dry (geru eir mikinn eld ok urkuu sik).
urka, f- (1) drought, dryness; (2) towel.
urkan, f. drying (Karlsefni lagi viinn til urkanar).
urku-samr, a. dry (-samt sumar).
urr, a. dry (hrr vir ea .); . kli, dry clothes; ganga urrum ftum (or urt) yfir na, with dry feet, without wetting the feet; sitja urt um allar vitundir, to be clear of all cognizance; urru, on dry land; fasta urt (or vi urt), to fast on fish and vegetable food.
urra-frost, n. dry frost.
urr-fasta, f. fasting on fish and vegetable food;
-fasta (a), v. to fast on fish and vegetable food;
-fjallr, a. dry-skinned, in dry clothes;
-ftis, adv. without wetting the feet;
-leikr, m. dryness;
-lendi, n. dry land;
-lendr, a. with dry soil (jr -lend);
-ligr, a. dry (ver gott ok -ligt);
-lyndi, n. dryness, surliness;
-viri, n. dry weather.
urs or uss, m. giant, ogre, monster (lkir ursum at vexti); ursa rbani 'slayer of giants (Thor).
urs-ligr, a. like a giant.
(gen. n, dat. r, acc. ik; pl. r or r, gen. yar, dat. and acc. yr), thou.
fa (gen. pl. fna), f. mound, knoll (H. sat vi fu eina).
s-hundra, n. = sand.
st, n.flail.
str, m. (1) stick; (2) chafing, anger, enmity (tti honum mjk vaxa . milli manna herainu).
(pl. -ir), f. thousand.
vara, f. pot-stick, stirrer.
vari, m. bolt, spear.
v (v; , gum; veginn), v. (1) to wash (. lk, sr manna, hfu sitt); . sk or . sr, to wash oneself; (2) to remove by washing.
vtt-aptann, m. Saturday evening.
vttari, m. washer.
vtt-dagr, m. Saturday;
-kona, f. washer-woman;
-ntt, f. Saturday night.
vttr (gen. vttar, dat. vtti), m. (1) wash, washing (kona nkkur fr me kli til vttar); (2) clothes washed at one time, washing (hengja upp vtt).

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