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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-ml, n. litigation;
-pfi, m. schismatic pope;
-samligr, a. contentious;
-sterkr, a. strong in dispute.
rmmun. f. trampIing, =ramman.
rmr (gen. ramar, dat. remi; pl. remir, acc. rmu), brim, edge, verge (kominn heljar rm).
rng (pl. rngvar), f. (1) throng crowd (var . mikil); (2) narrow place (sumir vrust rngunurn); (3) fig. straits (alla . ok nau, er hann oldi); (4) short breath and cough ( setti at honurn . mikla).
rng-brjstar, a. mean-spirited.
rng, f. = rng.
rng-frr, a. narrow to pass.
rnging, f. = rngving.
rng-leikr, m. narrowness;
-lendi, n. narrow land;
-lendr, a. narrow, of a land (ar var sv rng-lent);
-liga, adv. narrowly, in straits;
-meginn, a. oppressed.
rngr (acc. -van and -an), a. (1) narrow, close, tight (vefjar-upphlutr .); skgrinn var ., the wood was thick; (2) thronged, crowded (rngt var skipinu).
rng-rmt, a. n. narrow (scanty) land (hafa rng-rmt).
rngsl, n. pl. straits, distress.
rngva (-a, -r), v. (1) to press on one (. e-m); with acc., hann tk at . mik mjk, he took and pressed me hard; (2) to straiten, tighten (. kosti e-s); impers., er Ribbungar s, at alla vega rngi kosti eira, that on all sides their means were straitened; (3) . e-m til e-s, to force one to a thing; . e-m undir sik, to subdue one by force; . e-t t af e-m, to extort from one; (4) refl., rngvast, to throng, press forward (eir rust mti ok rngust at vainu); loftit rngvist ok ykknar, the air waxes close and thickens.
rngving, f. straits; fig. distress.
rngvingar-1, f. file of adversity.
rskldr, m. = reskldr.
rstr (gen. rastar; dat. resti pl. restir, acc. rstu), m.. thrush.
ukla (a) , v. to feel, touch (. sullinn or sullinum); var sv til uklat, at, it was handled so that.
ula, f. rhapsody, rigmarole; Rgs ., the Lay of Rig.
ular-stll, m. wise-man's chair.
ulr (gen. -ar), m. wise-man, sage.
umal-fingr, m. thumb, finger;
-t, f. the great toe;
-ln, f. thumb-ell.
ulniungr (-s, -ar), m. (1) the thumb (of a glove); (2) inch.
unga (a), v. to load (. skip sitt) ung kona, a woman with child; rey var mjk ung, Th. was far
unga-fullr, a. (1) heavy (-fullr svefn); (2) burdened, oppressed.
ungan, f. burden.
unga-varnar, -varningr, m. heavy goods.
ung-blt, a. n., e-m verr -blt, one has troublesome neighbours;
-brr, a. heavy to bear, burdensome;
-eygr, a. heavy-eyed, dim-eyed;
-frast. v. refl., to become heavy, infirm;
-frr, a. (1) heavy to move; (2) infirm (rir var gamall ok -frr);
-gengt, a. n. difficult to walk (e-m verr -gengt).
ungi, m. (1) heaviness, weight (Ginnungagap fylltist me unga og hfugleik ss ok hrims); (2) burden, encumbrance (verr mr heldr at vi . en gagn); (3) load, cargo (rir spuri, hvat unga sbjrn hefi skipinu); (4) heaviness, drowsiness (tt unga er geispa sli hann).
ungleika-aldr, m. age of infirmity.
ung-leikr, m. heaviness, infirmity;
-liga, adv. heavily (Njll tk essu -liga); vera -liga haldinn, to be very ill;
-ligr, a. heavy, difficult (eigi lzt mr etta ml -ligt);
-lfr, a. heavy in the body;
-meginn, a. oppressed (eir vru fir ok -megnir).
ungr, a. (1) heavy, weighty (tti mr hann nkkurs til .); . baki, heavy to carry on horseback; skip ungt undir rum, heavy to pull with oars; (2) fig. heavy, oppressive (mannfin var hin yngsta); honum vru augu ung, he was heavy-eyed; me ungu yfirbragi, with a gloomy mien; henni fll ungt til fjr, her money affairs were bird; e-m veitir yngra, one gets the worst of it; f ungt af e-m, to suffer hard treatment from

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