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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


■rotna­r, m., ■rotnan, f. vanishing, vera Ý ■rotnan, to be waning.
■rot-rß­i, a. destitute, helpless.
■rots-ma­r, m. destitute person, pauper.
■rˇ (pl. ■rťr, ■rˇar), f. hollowet wood or stone, trough.
■rˇast (a­), v. refl. to wax, increase, grow; metna­r honum ■rˇast, pride waxes in him.
■rˇttigr, a. powerful, mighty.
■rˇtt-lauss, a. pithless, powerless;
-leysi, n. want of strength;
-liga, adv. mightily, forcibly;
-mikill, a. doughty, strong.
■rˇttr (gen. -ar), m. strength, might, valour, firmness (sannliga er skekinn ■. ˇr y­r).
■rˇtt-sinni, n. endurance, vigour;
-÷flugr, a. mighty. powerful.
■ruma, f. clap of thunder (rei­ar ■.).
■ruma (a­), v. to rattle.
■ruma (■rumi, ■rum­a, ■rumat), v. (1) to stand, sit fast; ■ars Valh÷ll vÝ­ of ■rumir, stands spacious; . yfir ÷ldrinn, to hover over banquets; (2) to stay behind, loiter, mope.
■runginn, pp. from '■ryngva', (1) stifled, oppressed, moody (■rungin gˇ­); ■rungin dťgr, dismal days; (2) full of, fraught with; HÚlu ■., thick with rime; hleifr ■. sß­um, a loaf full of bran; . mť­i, swollen with anger; dynr var Ý gar­i, dr÷slum of ■rungit, crowded with horses.
■r˙­-hamarr, m. strong hammer.
Ůr˙­-heimr, m. 'the strong abode', the habitation of Thor.
■r˙­igr, ■r˙­inn, a. strong; powerful, mighty.
■r˙­-Šˇ­ugr, a. heroic of mood;
-valdr, m. the mighty ruler (Thor).
Ůr˙­-vangr, m. = -heimr.
■r˙gan, f. compulsion (■. laganna).
■r˙tinn, a. swollen, oppressed.
■r˙tna (a­), v. (1) to swell (fˇtrinn ■r˙tna­i mj÷k); (2) to increase, wax (■r˙tnar at um e-t).
■r˙tnan, f. swelling.
■r˙tuligr, a. swollen in the face.
■rymill, m. a hard knot in the flesh.
■rywja (■rumda), v. to lie, extend, spread (■rymr of ÷ll l÷nd °rl÷gsÝmu).
■ryngva (■ryng; ■r÷ng, ■rungum; ■runginn), v. (1) to press, thrust (■istill, sß er var ■runginn Ý ˇnn ofanver­a); (2) to rush, press onward, = ■r÷ngvast (ok er li­it ■r÷ng Ý milli skipanna, ■ß brast ni­r undir ■eim Ýssinn); see '■runginn'.
■rysvar, adv. thrice, three times.
■rřsta (-sta, -str), v. (1) to thrust, press (■ß tˇk H. konungr ß ÷xl honum hendinni ok ■rřsti); B. ■rřstir at Eyj˙lfi fast, B. thrust E. hard; hann ■rřsti knÚnu vi­ steininn, he pressed his knee against the stone; (2) to force, compel (■. e-m til e-s).
■rřstiligr, a. stout, robust.
■rřsting, f. pressure, compulsion.
■rŠla-eini, n. pl. persons to be made slaves of;
-fˇlk, n. thralls, slaves;
-tala, f., hafa e-n Ý -t÷lu, to treat one as a slave;
-Štt, n. family of slaves; s˙ kona er eigi -Šttar, that woman is of no mean extraction.
■rŠl-baugr, m. money paid as were-gild for a thrall;
-borinn, pp. thrall-born;
-dˇmr, m. thraldom.
■rŠlka (a­), v. to enthral.
■rŠlkan, f. thraldom (lei­a e-n Ý ■.).
■rŠll (-s, -ar), m. thrall, slave; fig. wretch, scoundrel.
■rŠls-efni, n. a person to be made a slave of;
-gj÷ld, n. pl. weregild for a thrall;
-jafningi, m. thrall's equal;
-kona, f. thrall's wife;
-ligr, a. slavish;
-nafn, n. name of a thrall; bera -nafn, to be called thrall;
-verk, n. work of a thrall.
■ræta (-tta, -tt), v. to wrangle, litigate;.e-s, to gainsay, contradict, deny (eigi mun ek ■ess ■uifa at ■.); ■. um e-t, to wrangle about (um ■etta ■rŠttu ■eir); . Ý mˇti, to gainsay contradict.
■rŠta, f. quarrel, wrangling, litigation (■ar slˇ Ý ■rŠtu).
■rŠtinn, a. litiguous contradictory.
■rŠtni, f. disputatiousness.
■rŠtu-bˇk, f. book of dialectics;
-dˇlgr, m. quarrelsome litigant;
-fullr, a. disputatious;
-hagi, m. disputed pasture;
-ligr, a. dialectical; -lig Ý■rˇtt, art of dialectics;
-ma­r, m. (1) disputer, disputant; (2) schis-

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