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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


■rift, f. = ■rif, ■rifna­r.
■riskja (-ta, -tr), v. = ■reskja.
■rÝ-anga­r, a. three-forked;
-boginn, pp. thrice bent;
-brei­r. a. of triple breadth, of cloth;
-bryddr, pp. with threefold mounting;
-deila(-da, -dr), v. to divide into three parts;
-engdr, pp. three-pronged,
■rifa (■rif; ■reif, ■rifum; ■rifinn), v. (1) to catch, grasp, to take hold of suddenly (■. e-n, eptir e-m, Ý e-n, til e-s); ■. ß e-m, to lay hands on; (2) refl., ■rifast, to thrive (hann ba­ bann illa fara ok aldri ■.).
■ri-falda (a­), v. to make threefold;
-faldr, a. threefold;
-forn, a. thrice-old, three years old (-fornt smj÷r);
-fťttr, a. three-legged;
-gilda (-lda, -ldr), v. to pay three-fold;
-greindr, pp. three-branched;
-hendr, a. with three rhyming syllables in each line;
-hyrndr, pp. three-horned, triangular;
-hyrningr, m. triangle;
-h÷f­a­r, pp. three-headed;
-kvÝsla­r, pp. three-branched;
-menningr, m. second cousin;
-merkingr, m. a ring weighing three ounces;
-m˙ta­r, pp. thrice moulted;
-nŠttr, a. three nights old.
■rÝr (■rjßr, ■rj˙), card. numb. three.
■ri-skafinn, pp. thrice polished;
-skeptr, pp. (wadmal) of three strands;
-skeyta, f. triangle;
-skipta (-pta, -ptr), v. to divide into three parts;
-tugandi, ord. numb. the thirtieth;
-tugr, a. (1) aged thirty (-tugr at aldri); (2) having thirty oar-benches; (3) of thirty (fathoms, ells).
■ritug-sessa, f. a ship having thirty oar-benches.
■rit°g-nßttr, a. of thirty nights.
■rÝ-t°gr, a. = ■rÝtugr;
-vetr, a. ■revetr;
-vŠgr, a. of triple weight;
-Šrr, a. three years old.
■rjˇta (■rřt;; ■raut, ■rutum; ■rotinn), v. impers.; (1) ■rřtr e-t (acc.) it fails, comes to an end; en er veizluna ■rřtr, when it came to the end of the banquet; ■ar til er ■raut dalinn, till the dale ended (among the hills); ■ar til er ■raut sker ÷ll, till there was an end of all the skerries; seint ■rřtr ■ann, er verr hefir, the man with a bad case has a hundred excuses; (2) with acc. of person and thing (e-n ■rřtr e-t); en er hann (acc.) ■raut orendit, when breath failed him; Hrapp ■raut vistir Ý hafi, H. ran short of food at sea; (3) to become exhausted, fail; mara ■raut ˇra, our steeds were exhausted.
■rjˇtkast (a­), v. = ■rjˇzkast.
■rjˇt-lyndi, n. stubbornness;
-lyndr, a. refractory stubborn.
■rjˇtr, m. (1) knave; (2) defiance; bjˇ­a e-m ■rjˇt, to bid defiance to one.
■rjˇzka, f. refractoriness, obstinacy.
■rjˇzkast (a­), v. refl. to be refractory or rebellious.
■rjˇzkr, a. refractory.
■roska­r, p. grown up, adult.
■roska-ma­r, m. a stout, vigorous man;
-mikill, a. vigorous;
-munr, m. difference in vigour;
-samr, a. manly, vigorous.
■roskast (a­), v. to grow up to full age, live to be a man.
■roska-vŠnligr, a. promising.
■roski, m. (1) maturity, full age, manhood (sveinninn var snimma me­ miklum ■roska); (2) promotion, advancement (ek em ■vÝ fegnust, at ■inn ■. mŠtti mestr ver­a).
■roskr, a. vigorous, mature, full-grown (enn ■roski Njar­ar sonr).
■roskuligr, a. vigorous (snemma ■., mikill ok sterkr).
■rot, n. lack, want (■ar er ekki ■. ßtu); at ■rotum kominn, worn out, exhausted (■eir vˇru ■ß allir at ■rotum komnir of matleysi).
■rota (a­),v. impers., e-n ■rotar e-t, one runs short of a thing (ef ■ik ■rotar f÷ng); rß­in ■rotar fyrir honum, there is a lack of counsel for him, he is at his wit's end.
■roti, m. swelling, tumour.
■rotinn, pp. from '■rjˇta', at an end, past, gone (get ek, at ■rotin sÚ ■Ýn mesta gŠfa); ■. at drykk, out of drink; hestrinn var ■., quite exhausted; en er allir vˇru ■rotnir ß at bi­ja hann til, when all were tired of begging him.
■rotna (a­), v. to run short, dwindle away, come to an end (Hrei­arr sß, at ■eirra kostr mundi brßtt ■.).

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