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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


■re-falda (), v. to triple;
-faldan, f. a making threefold;
-faldliga, adv. trebly;
-faldr, a. threefold.
■reft, m. a number of sheaves, thrave.
■reifa (a­),
v. to feel with the hand, touch (far ■˙ hingat ok vil ek ■. um ■ik); ■. Ý h÷nd e-m, to shake one's hand; refl., ■reifast fyrir, to feel for oneself, grope along.
■reifanligr, a. tangible.
■rek, n., poet. ■rekr, m., pith, strength, courage, daring (eigi hˇfum ver ■rek til at berjast vi­ Ůorstein) hafa ■rek vi­ e-m, to be a match for.
■reka­r, pp. worn, exhausted.
■rek-f÷rla­r, pp. with failing courage or strength (poet.).
■rekinn, a. strong, enduring.
■rekkˇttr, a. dirty, filthy.
■rekkr, m. dirt filth.
■rek-lauss, a. pithless;
-leysi, n. lack of fortitude, piithlessness;
-liga, adv. strongly, stoutly;
-ligr, a. strong. stout of frame;
-ma­r, m. a stout, strong man;
-mannliga, adv. stoutly;
-mikill, a. strong, valiant.
■rekr, m. =■rek (mikill ■. ok afl).
■rek-raun, f. trial of strength or courage (■etta var mikil -raun).
■reku-ligr, a. = ■reklign
■rek-vana, a. indecl. destitute of strength;
-virki, n. deed of derring-do (■etta er hit mesta -virki).
■renning, f. trinity, esp. the Trinity (■renningar tr˙a);
■renningar-messa, f. Trinity-Sunday.
■rennr, a. trifile, threefold; plur. in distrib. sense, three; ■rennar tylftir Ý fjˇr­ungi hverjum, three twelves in each quarter; ■etta eru ■renn ver­, three times the price.
■rep, n., ledge.
■repi, m. ledge.
■reskja (-ta, -tr), v. to thresh.
■resk÷ldr (gen. -aldar, dat. -eldi; pl. -eldir, acc. -÷ldu), m. (1) threshold; (2) an isthmus or ridge flooded at high water.
■rettßn, card. numb. thirteen;
■rettßndi, ord. numb. the thirteenth.
■re-vetr, a. three winters (or years) old (■eir vˇru -vetrir), prey
■reyja (■rey, ■rey­a, ■rey­r), v. to feel for, desire, yearn after
■reyta (-tta, Atr), v. to prosecute a thing stoutly to strive hard in a thing; . leik, rßs vi­ e-n, to contend in a game, run a race with one; . kapp-sigling, to sail a race; ■.drykkju vi­ e-n, to vie in drinking with one . ß drykkjuna, to strive hard to drink; . e-t me­ kappmeelum, to dispute eagerly; ■ l÷g um e-t, to contend at law; jarlarnir ■reyttu ■etta me­ sÚr, it came to high words between them; ■eir ■reyttu at komast inn Ý borgina, they tried hard to get into the burgh; . hest sporum, to prick the horse with the spurs.
■reyttr, pp. exhausted, worn out; ■ˇtt hann sÚ mj÷k at ■., though he be sorely tried.
■ri­i (gen., dat., ace. ■ri­ja, pl. ■ri­ju), ord. numb. the third; Ý ■ri­ja sinn, for the third time.
■ri­ja-brť­ra, indecl. fourth (male) cousins;
-brť­ri, m.-fourth cousin.
■ri­junga-skipti, n. a division into three parts.
■ri­jungr, m. the third part; aukast ■ri­jungi, to be increased by a third.
■ri­jungs-auki, m. an increase by a third; the third part the wife was entitled to of the joint property.
■rif, n. pl. thriving condition, well doing, prosperity; standa e-m fyrir ■rifum, to stand in the way of one's well-doing; ver­a at ■rifum, to become prosperous.
■rifgast (a­), v. to thrive, = ■rifast.
■rif-gjafari, m. giver of good things;
-gjafi, m. = -gjalari;
-gj÷ft, f. gift of grace salvation.
■rifinn, a. (1) active; (2) well-favoured (■. af sinum lÝkam).
■rif-liga, adv. (1) deftly, briskly (eta -liga); (2) neatly, carefully (-liga b˙inn);
-ligr, a. thrifty, well-looking;
-mannligr, a. -ligr.
■rifna­ar-lauss, a. miserable, wretched;
-ma­r, m. a well-to-do (prosperous) man.
■rifna­r, m. thriving, prosperity, success in life.
■rif-samligr, a. wholesome;
-samr, a. thriving, prosperous;
-semd, f. prosperity, welfare.
, f. prosperity, welfare.

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