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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ot vi e-n, to sit (stand) ready to make (? or meet) an attack.
, adv. (1) yet, though, nevertheless, still (eir vru s bnir ok sigldu haf); (2) connected with other particles; ok , and besides, and even, to boot ( Nregi er ltil byg ok sundrlaus); mrgum mnnum frum ok vitrum, ill-informed and unwise as well; er , since yet, considering that (kvazt hj bndum skyldu vera, er buu eir honum sv ga kosti); (3) conj., at, contracted t, tt, although, even though, with subj. (hann rengdi til augum, at skygn vri); halda mttu essu sti, tt hn komi sjalf til, though she comes herself into the hall; dropping the 'at'; srt ltillar ttar, although thou art of low extraction.
f, n. (1) crowding, thronging, pressing; leiist mr . etta, this crowding wearies me; (2) wearisome, endless struggle (ar kemr enn finu, at).
fa-hattr, m. felt hood;
-httr, m. felt hood;
-stakkr, m. felt cloak.
fi, m. (1) felt; (2) saddle-cloth of felt.
knast, see 'okknast'.
pta, see 'opta'.
rr, m. the god Thor.
rs-dagr, m. Thursday.
tt, conj. contr. from at, although; see '' 3.
ta-brag, n. angry look.
tti, m. (1) thought, mind; (2) displeasure, anger.
ttr, m. = tti; mla sinn tt, to tell one's mind.
ttu, = tt ( at) .
ramma (a), v. to trudge, trample.
ramman, rmmun, f. trampling.
rap or rapt, n. quarrel.
rasa (pres. rasi), v. to talk big, to rage (hvi rasir sv, rr!).
raut (pl. -ir), f. hard strugggle, great exertion, labour, hard task (ekmun lta ik vinna til rahags essa rautir nkkurar); ola rautir, to suffer hardshps; gera . til e-s, to try hard; berjast til rautar, to fight to the end.
rautar-laust, adv. without a struggle, without resistance.
raut-gr, a. good in straits
-laust adv. = rautarlaust.
r (r, ra, rr), v. to long, yearn (sl ekki slku ik, at . eptir einni konu); refl., rst e-t, to long for a thing.
r, f. longing, yearning; leggja rr e-t, to yearn after a thing.
r, n. obstinacy (Hrafn harnai sinu ri vi biskup); . e-m, in defiance of, in spite of (geri at hverr . . rum); honum tti at mjk gert . sr, in his despite, in order to thwart him; ganga ., to veer round and become contrary, of wind (v nst gekk ver .).
r-beiting, f. continual tacking;
-bni, f. persistence in praying or asking;
-bnn, a. persistent in prayer or entreaty.
rr (gen. rar; pl. rir,acc. ru; nom. and acc. also rr), m. thread.
r-fylginn, a. persevering, persistent;
-girni, f. obstinacy;
-gjarn, a. obstinate;
-gjarnliga, adv. obstinately;
-halda, v. to holdfast, stick to ( e-u);
-haldr, a. obstinate, stubborn.
ri, m. obstinacy, = r (n.).
r-ltr, a. stubborn, obstinate;
-leikr, m. perseverance;
-liga, adv. (1) obstinately (neita e-u -liga); (2) incessantly, continuously;
-ligr, a. continuous, incessant;
-lfr, a. tenacious of life;
-lundar, a. = r-lyndr;
-lyndast, v. refl. to be obstinate in a thing ( e-u);
-lyndi, n. stubbornness;
-lyndr, a. obstinate, stubborn;
-lti, n. = -lyndi;
-mli, n. obstinate talk.
rr (r, rtt), a. stubborn, obstinate (tt sr sv ., at vilir engis manns ri hla); neut., rtt as adv., frequently.
r-reip, n. tight or strong rope
-rkiligr, a. obstinate;
-rkr, a. persistent;
-samliga, adv. perseveringly, obstinately (neita -samliga);
-seta, f. long sitting;
-viri, n. a constant adverse wind;
-yri, n. pl. obstinate speech = -mli.
ref, n. a kind of upper floor; fig., kemr n . um draumana, the (dismal) dreams come again.

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