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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


of, like; ymsa vega okka menn at, men think variously of it; konungr okkar ekki mitt mil, he likes it not; (2) . me e-m, to side with one, take one's part (hvrra lsmenn okkuu me snum hfingja); (3) refl., okkast, to be liked (hann kemr sr tal vi menn, ok okkaist hann vel).
okka-bt, f. reparation, redress.
okkar. pp., . e-m, af e-m, liked by one; illa ., ill-liked.
okka-gr, a. engaging, amiable;
-gi, n. favour, grace;
-kona, f. mistress, paramour;
-mar, m. lover;
-mt, n. good favour, grace;
-samr, a. well-liked, popular (-samr af e-m);
-sld, f. popularity;
-sll, a. in good favour, well-beloved(-sll af alu).
okki, m. (1) thought, opinion; (2) liking; leggja okka til e-s, e-n, to take a liking for (Leifr lagi okka konu , er rgunna ht); mr er vel okka, I like thee well; (3) consent, good-will (hann tk riki me alu okka of sir); (4) enmity, discord, = ykkja.
okknast (a), v. refl. to please, be acceptable, with dat.; lafi okknaist vel tal eira, O. was well pleased with their talk.
okkuligr, a. agreeable.
oku-fullr, a. foggy, misty;
-lauss, a. free from fog, clear;
-myrkr, n. murky fog;
-myrkvi, m. = oku-myrkr;
-samr, a. foggy;
-ver, n. foggy, weather.
ol, n. patience, endurance (hann ba Sturlu hafa . vi ok ba); at er einskis manns ., no man can bear that; cf. ' ol'.
ola (olda, olt or olat), v. (1) to bear, endure, suffer (. hgg, mannraun daua); reyna, hvrt hann yldi jrn ea eigi, to try whether he could bear iron or not; . hart, to suffer hardship; hversu oldi S. brennunni, how did S. bear the burning?; (2) . e-m e-t, to bear it at one's hand (kann verap at s nkkurir sv rskvir, at ei oli jarli allan sma); . eigi lg, not to bear the law; eigi skal at, ok skal . Snorra lg, S. shall have the benefit of the law; (3) to feel at rest, be still or quiet; ist drit sv at at olir hvergi, so that it has no rest; fylgdi sv mikill verkr, at hann mtti hvergi kyrr ola, so great pain that he could nowhere remain quiet.
olanligr. a. tolerable, to be tolerated.
olin-mliga, adv. with patience
mr, a. patient;
-mi, patience,'long-suffering',
olinn, a. lasting, durable; enduring (rekinn ok . vi vs ok ervii).
ol-leysi, n. lack of endurance;
-ligr, a. tolerable, = olanligr.
ollr, m. fir-tree, tree in general.
ol-raun, f. trial of one's patience.
opta, f. rowing bench, thwart.
opti, m. bench-fellow.
ora (ora, orat), v. to dare, have the courage to do a thing (ori hann ekki at synja eim gistingar).
oran, f. daring, courage.
oran-raun, f. trial of courage.
ori, m. the greater part, main part (alir . lisins; mestr . manna).
orn (-s, -ar) m. (1) thorn (ornar ok istlar); (2) spike, esp. the tongue of a buckle, pin of a brooch (orni n belti); (3) the letter .
orna (a), v. to become dry, dry -up.
orn-gjr, f. crown of thorn;
-runnr, m. thorn-bush.
orp, n. (1) an isolated farm; (2) in foreign countries, a thorp or village (rar hlaupa saman eitt .); (3) an open, unsheltered Place (hrrnar ll, s er stendr orpi ).
orpara-ligr, a. boorish, clownish
-skapr, m. clownishness.
orpari, m. cotter, peasant, boor, churl (orparar ok verkmenn).
orp-karl, m. churl;
-karlligr, a. churlish, clownish.
orra-blt, n. the great sacrifice when Thorri began (in heathen times).
orri, m. the fourth winter month, the first after midwinter.
orskr (-s, -ar), m. cod, codfish.
orsta-drykkr, m. a draught for slaking the thirst;
-fullr, a. thirsty.
orsti, m. thirst.
orst-lauss, a. not thirsty;
-ltr, a. given to thirst, thirsty.
ot, n. rush; in phrase, sitja (standa)

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