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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


a. much hated, execrated;
-lygi, f. great lie, slander, calumny;
-l, f. hearty welcome;
-menni, n. brave man;
-mrr, a. glorious;
-ntr, a. very excellent;
-r, n. excellent plan (etta ykkir mr -r);
-skld, n. great poet;
-smir, m. master-craftsman, great artist;
-stefna, f. a meeting of the whole people, public meeting;
-sterkr, a. very strong;
-sniliga, adv. in the sight of all people, openly;
-sniligr, a. open, clear, vehement;
-vegr, m. high road, = -braut;
-vel, very well, excellently;
-vitnir, m. poet. The great wolf
jfa (a), v. to call one a thief.
jf-laun, f. thievish concealment of a thing;
-ligr, a. thievish.
ifnar (gen. -ar), m. theft.
jfr (-s, -ar), m. thief.
jfs-augu, n. pl. thief's eyes.
jf-skapr, m. theft;
-snara, f. thief's halter (hanga -snru).
jfs-nafn, n. the name of a thief;
-nautr, m. a partaker with thieves (illa er , ef ek em -nautr).
jf-sk, f. a charge or accusation of theft;
-stolinn, pp. stolen.
j-hnappr, m. buttock;
-leggr, m. the thigh bone.
jna (a), v. (1) to serve (settist hann heima ok jnai ekki konungi); . til e-s, to serve, pay homage to (kvast hann skyldr at . til konungs); to deserve (launa eim sem eir hafa til jnat); . undir e-n, to serve under one; (2) to attend on as a servant, wait on (hn jnai honum eigi verr enn bnda snum).
jnan, f. service, attendance.
jnasta, f. = jnosta, jnusta.
jnka (a) v. to serve, = jna.
jnkan, f. service, = jnan.
jnn (-s, -ar), m. servant, attendant.
jnosta, jnusta, f. (1) service (vera e-s jnostu); (2) divine service (gus .); (3) the eucharist.
jnosta (a), v. to serve, esp. to administer the sacrament to one.
jnostu-bundinn, pp. bound in service or allegiance;
-embtti, n. divine service;
-flk, n. servant-folk;
-fullr, a. serviceable, ready to serve;
-gjld, n. pl. wages for service;
-gor, f. divine service;
-kona, f. female servant;
-lauss, a. (1) without sacrament; (2) without divine service;
-mar, m. man-servant;
-mjkr, a. officious, obliging;
-mr, f maidservant;
-samr, a. ready to serve;
-semd, f. readiness to serve;
-skyldr, a. in duty bound;
-sveinn, m. page, male servant;
-tekja, f. taking of the sacrament;
-verk, n. performance of service (gera -verk).
jnusta, f. = jnosta.
jrr (-s, -ar), m. bull.
js, f. carcass of a whale, = fjs.
jstr, m. anger, fury, vehemence.
jst-samliga, adv. furiously.
jta (t; aut, utum; otinn), v. (1) to emit a loud or whistling sound, of the wind, surf, waves, leaves of trees; xin aut, the axe whistled; aut af jsti, a river roared with fury; reiar-rumur jta, the thunder roars; lfar, vargar jta, the wolves howl; . horn, to blow a horn or trumpet (r halr hugfullr horn um aut); (2) to rush; . upp, to dart up, start up ( utu upp allir); (3) . , to burst on one like a storm, = dynja (vari mik trautt, at sv skjtt mundi jta, sem n er).
jtandi, f. the name of a vein.
jrku-drjgr, a. quarrelsome.
oka, f. fog; mist (vta mikil ok .).
oka (a), v. (1) to move, with dat. (Hrtr okai n bsta snum) (2) to move oneself, move, = okast . at e-m, to go near to, approach; fram oki herr, let the men move forwards; skalt . fyrir konu essi, thou shall give place to this woman; . undan e-m, to give way, yield to one; okar leiis um e-t, it goes well (hskarlinn kva vel . leiis um heilsu manna); afleiis okar um kurteisi karlanna, it goes backwards with the manners if men; (3) to change, alter (eigi skal fornum samkomu-mlum .); (4) refl., okast, to be displaced (okast nkkut steina-srvit); ltt okaist um mannfallit, it made little progress.
okka (a), v. (1) to think so and so

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