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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


who visits a 'ing', on a summons to perform any public duty;
-hs, n. a house in which a meeting is held, esp. a Jewish synagogue;
-kostr, m. =-veizla;
-lag, n. the public standard of value, as fixed at a 'ing';
-lausnir, f. pl. the dissolution of a parliament (skal hann eigi fara af ingi fyrir -lausnir);
-logi, m. one who breaks his engagement to attend a meeting;
-lok, n. the conclusion (end) of a 'ing';
-mar, m. (1) a person present at an assembly, a member of parliament; (2) a liegeman belonging to this or that ing-community (eir vru -menn orgeirs goa)
ingmanna-lei, f. the way taken in riding to the 'ing'
-li n. the ing's housecarles in England.
ing-mark, n. (1) the boundary or precincts of a public assembly; (2) district jurisdiction (ef mar tekr hj r ru -marki);
-mt, n. a public meeting;
-nest, n. provisions on a Journey to the 'ing';
-rei, f. a riding to attend parliament;
-reitt, a. n., in the phrase, eiga -reitt = eiga -frt;
-rikr, a. influential in the parliament;
-rof, n. dissolution of a public meeting.
ings-afglpun, f. contempt of the 'ing';
-bo, n. = ingbo
ingskapa-blkr, -ttr,
m. the section of law relating to 'ingskp'.
ing-skp, n. pl. the rules or regulations of a parlament;
-skn, f. =-h;
-star, m. a place where a parliament is held;
-stefna, f. a summons to a 'ing';
-st, f. =-stadr;
-tak, n. the passing of a law by a public meeting.
ingu-naur, m. (1) a member of a community or 'ing'; (2) parishioner.
ing-veizla, f. entertainment at an assembly;
-vika, f. the week during which the parliament sits;
-vist, f. = -festi;
-vti, n. a fine for not appearing when summoned;
-vrt, a. n., in the phrase, eiga -vrt, to be allowed to be present at a 'ing', of an outlaw;
-vllr, m. 'parliament-field', a place where the 'ing' sat.
inig, innig, adv. poet. hither, =enna veg.
inn (in, itt), possess. pron. thv thine; . heljar-karl, thou heil-carle!; hundrinn ., thou dog!
innig, adv.; see 'inig'
inull, m. the edge-rope of a net.
inurr, m. (1) a kind of resinous fir-tree; (2) fig. bow.
istill, m. thistle (istlar ok illgresi).
it or i, dual, ye two, = it, i.
ia (idda, iddr). v. to melt, thaw (san vru eldar grvir ok idd kli manna).
ina (a), v.; see 'ina'.
ir, a. not ice-bound, thawed (sum akt ea tt; mean in er , whilst the river is open.
insligr, a. like thee.
isl, f. poet. cart-pole.
jakar, pp. exhausted, worn (. af kulda, gngu A ervii).
jarfr, a. (1) unleavened, of bread; (2) fresh, of water; (3) insipid, flat.
iarka, f. quarrel (gra jrku).
jarma (a), v. to handle roughly (. at e-m).
j, (j, ja, jr), v. to constrain, enthral, enslave; hann var jr til vinnu, he was forced to work as a bondsman.
jkar, pp. = jakar.
jlmi, m. snare, trap, toil.
jn, f. bondage, servitude, oppression (jn rldmr).
jning, f. affliction, distress.
jokk-liga, adv. frequently, often.
jokkr, a. thick, dense, = ykkr.
j, n. the thickest part of the thigh.
j (pl. -ir), f. people, nation (allar jir ok tungur); . eru rr tigir, thirty make a 'j'; . veit, ef rir 'ro, what three know, all the world (soon) knows.
jann, m. poet. prince, ruler.
j-, f. great river, chief river;
-braut, f. high read;
-drengr, m. good man, brave fellow;
-gata, f. = -braut;
-gr, a. very good, excellent;
-hagr, a. masterly in skill or craft;
-hli, n. public (main) gate;
-konungr, m. great king, sovereign;
-kunnr, a. very famous;
-land, n. great country;
-lei, f. high road, esp. on the sea (sigldu eir -lei til

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