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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


the names of two or more persons; au sgerr ok orsteinn, Asgerd and Thorstein; brn eira Hildigunnar ok Kra vru eir Starkar ok Flosi, the children of H. and K. were these, S. and F.; eir fegar, father and son; (4) ellipt., before the name of a single person; eir Oddr, 0. and his men; fr skiptum eira rar, about the dealings of Thord and Bjrn; au Asgerr, Asgerd and her son (Thorstein).airs = eir es, eir er, those who.
eisti, m. black guillemot.
ekja (ak; akta; akir, aktr, akinn), v. to thatch, cover; skjldum er salr akir, the hall is thatched with shields; . sundit alt me skipum to lay the ships right across the sound.
ekja, f. thatch, roof.
ekki-liga, adv. with grace;
-ligr, a. handsome; eigi -ligr, ill-favoured.
ekkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to perceive, espy, notice (ok er konungr ekkir, at sveinninn er heill); s bani Ffnis borg of tti (old pret. = ekti), when Fafnir's slayer espied the burg; (2) to comprehend (mtt n at ., er fyrr saga ek r); (3) to know, recognize (ttist hn barnit); (4) refl., ekkjast e-t, to comply with, consent to, accept of (eir ektust etta bo gjarna); . e-m, to please; megi r (dat.) mitt lf , may it please thee.
ekkr, a. agreeable, liked; e-m or vi e-n (.em ok . vi sna menn).
ekt, f agreeableness.ekta (-kta), v. to silence; hann Pekti menn af or6um Pessum, heforbade men to utter these words.
el, n. the inner and finer wool.
l, f. file ( er smiar-tl).
la (a), v. to file, = sverfa.
ela-hgg, n. ice-hoe;
-lauss, a. unfrozen, thawed, of the ground (illt yfirferar, er elalaust er).
el-hgg, n. = elahgg.
eli, m. frozen ground, frost in the ground (var allr . r jru).
elli, n. fine-wood;
-safi, n. the sap of a young pine-trees (eir tu -safa)
-vii. n. pine-trees.
na (a, or -ta), v. to serve.
nari, m. servant.
nasta. f. service, = jnusta.
engill, m. poet. prince, king.
enja (en; andi; anir, andr, aninn), v. to stretch, extend (. skinn, h); . vmbina, to distend, fill the belly.
erfi-ligr, a. useful, convenient.
ermlast (a), v. refl. (1) to lack, miss, want, with gen. ( er mar ermlast sns gripar); (2) to differ from, with dat. (allt ml at, er erm. last alligu ortaki).
erms-ligr, a. meet, fit.
erna, f. (1) tern; (2) maid-servant.
erra (-a, -r), v. (1) to dry, make dry ( hey, ft); (2) to dry, wipe (grikona eri ftr sna fu); hann eri blit af andlitinu, he wiped the blood off the face; hn tk skikkjuna ok eri me blit alit, and wiped off all the blood with it; . sr e-u, to wipe oneself on or with a thing.
erra, f. towel, = handkli.
erra-leysi, n. want of dry weather.
erri-dagr, m. dry day;
-leysa, f. wet season.
errileysu-sumar, n. wet summer.
errir (gen. -is, pl. -ar), m. (1) drying; breia e-t til erris, to spread it out for drying; (2) dry weather (um haustit kmu errar gir).
erri-samr, a. good for drying, of a season;
-sumar, n. dry summer (= errisamt sumar).
ess, gen. sing. from 's, at'; (1) denoting mode, kind, manner, so, thus, of that kind (sr n ess, er r ykki me undarligu mti); hefi ek nkkut . grt, at r mislki, have I done aught that it should mislike thee? (2) . er, in so far as (hn var allra kvenna kurteisust at llum hlutum, . er hann hafi spurt); , at, yet so that (vilda ek helzt hafa atfer ok hfingskap Hrlfs kraka, . , at ek helda allri kristni ok tr minni); (3) with a compar. the more, so much the more, = v (. meirr er hinn drekkr, . meirr yrstir hann).
ess-httar, gen. of that kind.
essi- (essi, etta), demonstr. pron.

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