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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


fara norir ok ); (2) then, there-upon (et nsta Gunnari sat Njll, Skarphiinn, Helgi, Grimr); (3) then, in that case (ykki mr vel sslat, ef heyrir or Svakonungs); (4) pleonastic, beginning the apodosis, then (ok er Illugi bjst, sat Gunnlaugr stofu); en af v at, , hann miskunn af konunginum, but because, then he received mercy from the king; (5) when, = er (ferr n til Arna, konungr er ar at veizlu).
, f. thawed ground (eir reka spor sem hundar bi ok hjarni).
-fjall. n. 'thawed fell'; henda hrein -fjalli, to catch a reindeer on the thawing hill-side.
-leiar, -leiis, adv. that way, thus, = lei.
na (a), v. to thaw, = ina.
s, conj. when, = es, er.
ttr (gen. ttar, pl. ttir, acc. ttu), m. (1) a single strand of a rope (skar sundr tta ttuna festinni); fig., ttir ttar minnar, strands of my race; (2) section, division, esp. a section of law (kristinna laga .); (3) short story (. Orms Strlfssonar).
efa (a) , v. to smell, sniff.
efar, pp., iila ., ill-smelling, foul.
efan, f. smelling, smell.
ef-gr, a. sweet-smelling.
efja (afa, afr), v. to stir, thicken; remains only in the pp.; hann hafi eigi afan sinn graut, he had not cooked his porridge thick.
efja (a), v. (1) to smell; (2) to emit a smell (min fzla efjar betr hverjum ilm).
efjar, pp. smelling (vel ).
efka (a), v. to smell, = efja.
ef-lauss, a. smell-less, vapid.
efr, in. (1) smell; (2) taste.
ega, f. present, gift (drlig .).
egar, adv. (1) at once, forthwith (hn gekk . til hans); var hann . fjarri, then he was already far away; . unga aldri, when quite young; . sta, at once; . bar merkit . eptir honum, immediately after him; (2) . er, . es, . sem, . at, as soon as; (3) = . er (. Skapti vissi etta, gekk hann til bar Snorra goa).
egars = egar er, as soon as.
egat, adv. = angat, agat.
egja (egi, aga, agat), v. to be silent (R. agi vi); egi !, be silent!; with gen., egi eira ora, keep silence from such words, speak not so; . yfir e-u, to keep silent about, conceal (kva hana hlsti lengi hafa, agat yfir sv gri tt).
egn, m. (1) thane, franklin, freeman, man; Mrr kvaddi oss kviar egna nu, M. summoned us nine franklins on this inquest; hann lzt eigi vita, hverr . hann vri, he said he knew not what person he was; . ok raell, freeman and bondman, all men; ek ok mnir egnar, I and my men; (2) a good (liberal) man (sv er sagt, at hann s ekki mikill . vi ara menn af f snu); (3) liegeman, subject (eir jtuu skattgjfum ok gerust konungs egnar).
egn-gildi, n. the weregild for a 'egn' 3.
egnskapar-mar, m. liberal man.
egn-skapr, m. (1) honour; leggja (fela) e-t undir -skap sinn, to swear upon one's honour, pledge one's honour to a thing; (2) liberality, generosity (honum eyddist f fyrir-skapar sakir); reyna -skap Flosa, to put Flosi's generosity to the proof;
-skylda, f. the duty of a thane towards his liege lord, allegiance (jta e-m -skyldu).
eima, old dat., sing. and plur., = essum, to this, to these ( . b, . mnuum).
eimon, eimun, all the = eim mun (. harara).
eims = eim es, eim er.
eir (r, au), demonstr. pron. pl. they, those, answering to the sing. 's, s, at' ' and 'hann, hn, at'; (1) the neut. pl. 'au' as collective for a masc. and fem.; san gengu au (sc. Njll and Bergthora) inn bi; (2) 'eir' is frequently used before an adv., or a prep. with its complement; eir norr ar, those there in the north; eir fyrir austan rnar, those east of the rivers; (3) pleonast. before

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