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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


anns = ann es, ann er.
ar, adv. (1) there, at that place (. var fjlmenni inikit); . er, . sem, there where; eir ttust ar eiga allt traust er hann var, they thought that all their hope was there where he was; fig. there, in that case, at that point (lkr ar viskiptum eira); . sem, . er, whereas; gerir ik gan, . sem ert jfr ok moringi, whereas thou art both thief and murderer; mun F. annat r taka, ar sem hann hefir drepit Njl furbrur minn, seeing that he has killedN.; (2) there, thither (var at kveit nr konungr skyldi ar koma); (3) with prep. = an oblique case of the demonstrative pronoun . af, therefrom, from that, = af v . at, thereat; . , thereupon; . eptir, after that, thereafter; . fyrir, therefore; . , therein; . mti, in return (. mti vil ek eiga hlft drit);. me, therewith, besides; . r, there from, there out of, . til, thereto; til er, to the place where (0. gekk . til, er H. var) till, until (konungr rr langa lei til er hann finnr eitt hs); . um, about that, um at (veri eigi . um hugsjkir) . undir, there underneath; . t fr, furthermore, besides; . vi, thereby, by that; . yfir, there above.
ara-brk, n. heap of sea-weed;
-nytjar, f. pl. the use of sea-weed
ar-borgarmar, m. inhabitant of that town.
arfa (a), v. impers., e-m arfar e-t, it is necessary for one, one is in want of (fekk sv mikinn fjrhlut sern honum tti sr .).
arfa-gangr, m. urine, excrement.
arfi, a. needing, in want of ( er hann ykkist lis . vera).
arfindi, n. pl. things needful, necessaries (keypti sr mat ok nnur .).
arf-lausa, f. = -leysa;
-lausligr, a. needless;
lauss, a. needless, useless (-laust eyrendi); at -lausu, needlessly;
-ltliga, adv. meekly, humbly;
ltr, a. humble;
-leysa, f. needlessness (lta at mart eptir brnum, er -leysa er);
-leysi, n. = -leysa.
arfleysu-, in compounds, useless, mischievous (-erendi, -forvitni, -glens, -hugsan, -tal, -upphlaup).
arf-liga, adv. humbly = -ltliga;
-ligr, a. useful.
arfna (a), v. to be needful, necessary; refl., arfnast, to lack, want, be without, with acc. (sv at vit arfnimst eigi alla ga hluti).
arfnan, f. need, want.
arfr, a. useful (hann var eim .).
arf-samliga, adv. duly, gratefully;
-sll, -slligr, useful, profitable.
ari, m. sea-weed.
ar-koma, -kvma, f. coming there, arrival;
-kominn, pp. arrived there;
-lands, adv. in that land.
arlands-hfingi, m. a chief, native, of that land.
-mar, m. a chief, native, of that land.
ar-lendr, -lenzkr, a. native.
armr (-s, -ar), m. gut, intestine; cf. 'endaarmr', 'smarmar'.
arna, adv. there (menn fara. .).
arnast (ab), v. refl., see 'arfna.
þars, adv. = ar es, see 'ar'.
ar-vera, -vist, f. sojourn (staying) there, at that place.
at, pron. (1) neut. from 's', that, it (. var einhverju sinni, at); (2) so = sv (sagist hann mundu vera eim . arfr sem hann mtti); (3) conj. that, = at (sagi snn tindi af ferum orgils ok at hann hafi eltan Hrafn fjll upp).
at-ki,'that not'; atkiat, when ... not (til hvers skal ek jna honum lengr, atki at ek f mla minn falslaust); not even that (atki at hafir brkr inar).
atz = at es, at er, = az.
atztu - at es , that which thou.
aular, f. pl. complicated state of things; mla sik ., to talk oneself into troubles.
aular-vgr, m. winding creek (rum t r essum -vgi).
ausn, f. bustle, wild fray, tumult.
ausna-lauss, a. without tumult.
az = atz, at es, at er.
, adv. (1) then, at that time (var hn fjrtn vetra gmul); er, es, when (Y. var me orvaldi, er Einarr var veginn); ok , at every moment (ltu sem eir mundi

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