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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


žašan, adv. (1) thence, from there (ž. heldu žeir sušr til Danmerkr); ž. af = ž. (ž. af falla įr žęr, er svį heita); hón var skamt ž. į veizlu, she was a little way off, at a feast; (2) fig., ž. mįtti skilja, thence it could be understood; skulu vér ž. at vera, we will be on that side; ž. af veit ek, therefromI know; allan helming, eša ž. af meira, a full half and even more; (3) of time, after that (ž. eru tólf nętr til Žorlįks-messu); ž. af, ž. frį, ž. ķ frį, from that time (ž. af varš hann hinn grimmasti).
žašra, adv. there, = žar.
žafšr, pp., see 'žefja'.
žaga, f. silence, in 'endr-žaga'.
žagall, a. silent, = žógull.
žagat, adv. thither, = žangat.
žagga (aš), v. to silence, put to silence (ž. mann, börn).
žag-męlskr, a. silent, discreet.
žagna (aš), v. to become silent (konungr žagnar viš); sišan er hann žagnaši, when he left of speaking.
žagnar-, gen. from 'žögn';
-hald, n. keeping silent;
-stund, f. pause;
-timi, m. time of silence.
žak, n. (1) bed-cover; (2) thatch, roof.
žakišr, pp. from 'žekja'; kunna mjöt žakinna nęfra, to know how many bark-flakes to use in thatching.
žakka (aš), v. to thank (ž. e-m e-t;
žakkan, f. thanking, thanks.
žakk-lįtligr, a. grateful (-lįtlig tįr)
-lįtr, a. thankful, grateful;
-lęti, n. thank-fulness, gratitude;
-nęmr, a.= -lįtr;
-samliga, adv. thankfully, gratefully; bišja -samliga, to be, hard;
-samligr, a. thankful, grateful,
žak-lauss, a. thatchless, roofless
-nęfrar, f. pl. bark used for thatching
-vana, a. indecl. = -lauss.
žambar-skelfir, m. paunch-shaker, a nickname.
žang, n. sea-weed, sea-wrack.
žangat, adv. thither, to that place, (hann hleypr ž.); hingat ok ž., hither and thither; ž. til, till that time.
žangat-ferš, -för, f. a journey thither;
-koma, f. a coming thither arrival.
žang-floti, m. drift of sea-weed.
-skuršr, m. cutting of sea-weed.
žannig, žannug, žanninn, adv = žann veg; (1) that way, thither (žeir höfšu ž. farit kaupferš); (2) this way, thus, so (Žorkell grunar, hvįrt ž mun farit hafa).

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