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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-bogi, m. a yew-tree bow.
gi, f. mind disposition (hargi, grunngi).'
fa (-a, -r), v. to rip up (. ml) refl., fast, to become ruffled, get angry (tti mr s bjrninn, er fyrir var, . mjk); tk at . me eim, they began to be on bad terms; . vi e-n, to provoke one, pick a quarrel with one (Magns son hans fist mjk vi Harald).
finn, a. ruffled, wroth, angry.
fis-or, n. pl. irritating or ruffling words, taunts.
gjast (), v. to grow vicious, of a bull (graungrinn tk at .).
gr, a . fierce, gruff, stern.
ja (i), v. to swarm, teem.
ki (dat. pl. kjum), n. (1) exageration (telja e-t me kjum); (2) aggravation.
kva, v.= vkva, vkja.
la (-da, -t), v. to howl, yelp, of dogs, wolves;
la, f. howl, howling.
lda, f. decay, rottenness, stench.
ling, f. howling.
mis-leikr, m. fickleness, mutability;
-liga, adv. variously;
-ligr, a. various, diverse (-ligir dauligir hlutir, -ligar jir).
miss (neut. mist; pl. missir, missar, usually contracted msir or ymsir, msar or ymsar, neut. mis, :msi or ms), a. now this, now that (mist hann hugi); hann geri mist, hj ea lagi, he cut and thrust alternately;esp. pl. various, sundry, now these, now those, by turns (hfu ymsir sigr); ymsum stum, in various places; reka kaupferir til missa landa, to go on trading expeditions to various countries; einir ok missir, one and another, sundry; allir ok missir, all by turn; mist ... ea; now . . . now, sometimes.. . sometime (Bolli var mist Tungu ea at Helga felli).
r (gen. s, dat. ), m. (1) yew tree; (2) bow of yew, = bogi.
ra (-a), v. to shed in small drops refl., rast, to drizzle; rist dgg reyfit, dew settled on the fleece.
rinn (contr. from 'yfrinn'), a. abundant, = yfrinn, rinn.
sa, f. haddock.
skja (-ta, -t), v. = skja.
ta (tta, tt), v. (i) to push out, launch (. bti, skipi); . e-u at e-m hnd e-m, to push it towards one (2) to put out to sea, start on a voyage (at skal yr kunnigt gera, at v ttum af Nregi).
tar, m. pl., poet. men (ta synir).
tri, ztr, see 'ytri', 'yztr'.

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