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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


ymni, m. hymn (syngja helga ymna).
ymr, m. humming-sound, groaning ( heyru au ym mikinn ok gn) ra y., splashing of oars.
ymta, (a), v. to talk of, mutter.
ymtr, m. rumour (y. leikr e-u).
yndi, n. delight, happiness; njta yndis, to enjoy happiness, live in bliss; eira samfarar uru ekki at y., their married life was not happy; nema, festa y. e-m sta, to feel happy in a place; ok hvrki nam hann y. slandi n Nregi, he found no rest in Iceland or in Norway.
yndi-fall, n. bereavement;
-liga, adv, charmingly;
-ligr, a. pleasurable (me fagnai ok -ligu lfi).
yndis-bt, f. increase of bliss;
-star, m. place of bliss (of Eden).
ynglingr, m. young-person, youth.
ynni-ligr, a., lovely.
-samligr, a. lovely.
yppa (-ta, -t), v. to lift up raise; y. hurum, to open the doors; y. hans lofi, to extol him.
yppi-mannliga, adv. like a great man (eir ltu hit -mannligasta).
yr, prep. out of, = r, r, or.
yrkis-efni, n. pl. subject of a poem.
yrkja (yrki, orta, ortr), v. (1) to work, esp. to fill, cultivate (y. jrina, landit); (2) to make verses (y. kvi, drpu, lof, n, hung um e-n); absol., hann var krr konungi ok orti vel, he was beloved by the king, and a good poet; (3) y. e-t, to set about; en er eir fundust, ortu bndr egar til bardaga, the peasants at once set upon them; Eirkr jarl orti ekki at berjast vi Erling, Eirik made no attempt to flght Erling; y. e-n, to work upon; hvrki eldr n jrn orti , neither fire nor iron did them any harm; y. ora e-n, to address one, speak to one (hann svarai stirt ok strtt, er menn ortu ora hann) (4) refl., yrkist um e-t, it begins; (gerist n sv sem dmi finnast til, at ortist um mannfallit); recipr. to attack one another (san fylktu eir lii snu ok ortust ok brust); eir ortust vsur, they competed in verse-making.
yrkr, a. workinq, when one may work = virkr (yrkir tmar).
yrmlingr, m. 'wormling', little snake (tul augu sem yrmlingi).
yrmt, a, n. swarming with vermin (hr er va y.).
yss, m. noise, bustle of a crowd ( var yss mikill sklanum).
ystast, v. refl. to curdle (at rennr saman ok ystist sem mjlk).
ytri, better tri, a. compar., yztr, better ztr, superl. outer, outermost.
yxn, m. pl. or n. pl. oxen, see 'uxi'.
yxna, a. indecl. in heat (kr y.).
yxna-flokkr, m. a herd or drove of oxen;
liki, n. the shape of oxen
-rttr, m. oxfold.
yxni, n. ox (y. fimm vetra gamalt).
yxnis-fall, n. carcass of an ox;
-húð, f. hide of an ox;
-hvarf, n. disappearance of an ox.
yztr, a. superl., see 'ytri'.

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