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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


yfirferar-illr, a. difficult to pass.
yfir-friligir, a. passable;
-fr, f. (1) = yfirfer (banna e-m fr); (2) visitation (hafa -fr um sslu sna);
-ganga, f. (1) passing through; (2) transgression;
-gangr, m. (1) passing         through; (2) overbearing conduct, tyranny, oppression.
yfirgangs-mar, m. lordly man.
yfir-gefa, v. to forsake, abandon;
-girnd, f. excessive ambition;
gjarn, a. ambitious;
-gjarnligr, a. ambitious;
-gnfa (-a, -t). v. (1) to hang over, with dat.; (2) to impend, threaten;
gyingr, m. Pharisee.
yfirhafnarlauss, a. without an upper garment (vpnlausir ok -lausir).
yfir-hlaup, n. skipping;
-hylma (-da, -dr), v. to hide;
-hfingi, m. over-captain, ruler;
-hfn, f. over-coat;
-kennimar, m. high-priest;
-klerkr, m. over-clerk, one of the highest clergy;
-kli, n. over-cloak;
-koma, v. to overcome; geta -komit e-n, f e-n -kominn, to manage to overcome one; -kominn af mi, exhausted;
-konungr, m. supreme king;
-kussari, m. corsair-chief;
-land, n. land on the other side;
-lt, n. honour, favour; hafi S. minnst -lt, S. was made least of;
-ler, n. upper leather, of shoes;
-lesning, f. perusal;
-ligr, a. lying above, celestial;
-lit, n. look, personal appearance (-lit hennar ok kurteisi); esp. in pl., lkr fer snum at -litum ok skaplyndi;
-litr, m. = -lit;
-lti, n. = -lt; vera me e-m miklu, gu -lti, to be in high favour with one;
-mar, m. superior, master (lafr er betr til -manns fallinn en mnir synir);
-mannligr, a. chieftain-like;
-meistari, m. head-master;
-port, n. lintel, = ofdyri;
-randi, m. master, commander (-randi skipanna);
-rei, f. 'riding over', visitation;
seta, f. (1) task, business (ekki tlaa ek, at at vri min -seta at dma milli eira); (2) nursing a sick person.
yfirsetu-kona, f. midwife.
yfir-sjn, f. (1) supervision, inspection; (2) appearance, look;
-skikkia, f. overcloak;
-skipan, f. authority;
-skygnari, m. supervisor;
-sloppr, m. outer gown;
-skn, f.= -fer;
-sterkari, a. compar. stronger; vera, -sterkari, to get the upper hand;
-stiginn, pp. overcome;
-stigning, f. hyperbaton;
-stgari, m. conqueror;
-strmerki, n. pl. great wonders;
-stplan, f. transgression, infringement;
-sn, f. (1) appearance, look (frir at -sn); (2) superintendence;
-snd, f. = -sn I; ljtr -sndar =l. at -sn;
-sgn, f. decision;
sngr, m. singing, service;
-tak, n. transgression;
-taka, v. = taka yfir;
-tyrma (-da, -dr), v. to overwhelm;
-vald, n. (1) power, rule (Sveinn jarl hafi -vald Nregi); (2) the authorities (-vald staarins);
-varp, n. outward show;
-vettugis, adv. to excess;
-vinna, v. to vanquish, overcome;
-vttis, adv. exceedingly;
-vttligr, a. exceedingly great.
yfrinn, a. over-great, abundant, large, = rinn, rinn (nil eru ok yfrin efni til, vi at ekki skortir oss li); neut. as adv. very (yfrit mikill, djarfr, lengi).
yggjungr, m. 'the wise one'; y. Asa, Odin.
yggr, a. anxious (yggt vas peim san).
ygla (-da, -dr), v. to wrinkle; hann yglir brnn, he knits the brows, he frowns; refl., yglast e-n, to frown at or upon one (konungrinn ygldist sveininn);
ygldr, pp. frowning.
ygli-brn, frowning brow.
ykkarr, possess. pron., dual, your; fer ykkur, your journey; hvrngan ykkarn Hkonar jarls mun hann spara, he will spare neither of you, neither Hacon nor thee.
ylfskr, a. wolfish, treacherous.
ylgjast (), v. refl. to frown, look gloomy (tekr verit at y.).
ylgr (gen. ylgjar, dat. and acc. ylgi), f. she-wolf (kom ar y. ein).
ylja (a), v. to warm, = verma.
ylmast (d), v. to chafe, rage (er hann fann at, ylmdist hann mti).
ylr (-jar, -ir), m. warmth.
yl-samligr, a. warm.
ymja (ym, umda, umit), v. to whine, cry (sv bar hann prliga sttina, at engi mar heyri hann y.) ymr it aldna tr, the old tree grows umdu lsklir, the ale-beakers rang.

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