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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


yarr or yvarr, poss. pron. your; yur fr, your journey; yvart rki, your kimgdom; tv hesta skal hafa hverr yarr, each of you shall have two horses.
ydda (yddi), v. to show the point on the other side (S. lagi sverinu gegnum hann, sv at t yddi um bakit).
yr, pron., dat. and acc. pl. you.
yfir, prep. with dat. and acc.; I. with dat. over, above (hvers manns alvpni hekk y. rmi hans); sitja y. borum, to sit at table; s. yfir mlum manna, to sit at, attend to cases, as judge; konungr y. Englandi, king over E.; vaka y. e-m, to wake or watch over; II. with acc. (1) over, above (Skai tk eitr-orm, ok festi upp y. hann); hann tk y. sik skikkjuna, he put on the mantle; komast y. e-t, to come by a thing; (2) over, across, through (sian fru eir y. Norr); (3) fig. over, beyond; hafa vxt y. e-n, to have growth over, be taller than; fram y. ara menn, beyond, above other men; (4) adverbial usages, s kvittr kom y., passed over; kveld kemr y., evening draws on.
yfir-afli, m. superior force;
-afligr, a. over-strong, very strong;
-band, n. string to fasten the mouth of a bag;
-berligr, a. surpassing, extraordinary;
-berr, a. surpassing, extraordinary;
-biskup, m. high priest;
-bja, v. to rule over;
-bo, n. rule, command, authority;
-boari, m. superior, master;
-bi, m. superior, master;
-bt, f (1) penance, penitence (iran ok -bt); (2) pl., -btr, compensation, atonement (bja e-m stt ok -btr);
-brag, n. (1) outward look, appearance, demeanour; me miklu -bragi, of very imposing demeanour, magnificent; (2) show, pretence, outer appearance (me sttgjarnligu -bragi); (3) surface (allt jararinnar -brag).
yfirbrag-ligr, a. extraordinary.
yfirbrags-ltill, a. poor, in look or appearance.
-mikill, a. grand, in look or appearance.
yfir-breizl, n. coverlet;
-breizla, f. coverlet;
-buga (a), v. to overcome, surpass;
-burr, m. excess (-burr um at, er lgin segja);
-briliga, adv. surpassing;
-briligr, a. surpassing;
-bta (-tta. -ttr), v. to atone for
-dmandi, m. over-judge.
-dmari, m. over-judge.
yfirdrepskapr (gen. -ar). m. dissimulation, pretence.
yfir-drttning, f. sovereign queen;
-engill, m. archangel;
-fair, m. patriarch;
-fat, n. over-garment;
-fer, f. a passage over or through a country; visitation.

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