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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vrr (gen. varrar, pl. varrar, varrir), f. lip; vrr in efri, neri, the upper, lower lip; G. beit vrrinni, G. bit his lip.
vrr (gen. varrar, dat. verri; pl. verrir, acc. vrru), m. a pull of the oar (er eir hfu f vrru rit fr landi); eysa vrru, to pull with might and main (rkuliga hygg ek vrru eysa).
vru-hlai, m. pile of wares (vara);
-sekkr, m. sack (pack) of wadmal;
-smi, n. work in wood or metal;
-v, f. marketable cloth, common wadmal.
-virr, a. marketable.
vrzlu-mar, m. warranter, surety.
vttr (gen. vattar, dat. vetti; pl. vettir, acc. vttu), m. glove (hafa vttu hndum).
vxtr (gen. vaxtar, dat. vexti; pl. vextir, acc. vxtu), m. (1) growth, increase; ganga (fara) vxt, to increase; (2) increase, interest; taka f til vaxta, to make it productive; (3) size, stature (mikill, ltill vexti); haffranda skip at vexti, a sea-going ship in size; (4) way of growth, shape (lkr e-m vxt ok vibrag); (5) condition, state, the circumstance of a case (hann sagi honum alla. vxtu, sem vru um eira eyrendi); sv er ml me vexti, at, the case stands so that.
vxtuligr, a. big, of great size.
vzt (pl. vaztir), f, see 'vaztir'.

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