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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


viir (gen. -is), m. willow (sj dalr er mjk vi vaxinn).
vka (a), v. to widen.
vi-leikr, m. width, extent;
-lenda (-nda), v. to extend, enlarge a territory;
-lendi, n. broad lands, wideness of lands, extent;
-lendr, a. having extensive lands, of a king.
vir, a. wide, large, extensive (vir skgar); va vega, widely abroad, broadcast; vs vegar, in all directions flja, dreifast vs vegar); vs fjarri, far away.
v-lss, a. far-roaming; of deer
-snn, a. with wide prospect ( haugum nkkurum, ar sem -snt var).
vf, n. poet. woman, wife.
vfandi, pr. p., in the phrase, koma at v., to arrive as by chance.
vfinn, a. given to women.
vfl, f. cudgel, bat, used in washing.
vg, n. (1) fight, battle; eiga v. mti e-m, to fight against; eiga v. saman, to have a fight together; verja e-t vgi, to defend by fighting; (2) homicide, man-slaughter (vega v.).
vga-far, n. battle, slaughter (frir ok -far);
-feri, n., ferdir, f. pl., -ferli, n. pl. man-slayings (man etta upphaf -ferla inna);
-gu, n. god of battle;
-hugr, m. = vghugr;
-mar, m. a fighting, man; -mar mikill, a great manslayer.
vg-ss, m. war-beam, for defence (eir hfu -sa dyrum);
-djarfr, a. daring in fight, stout-hearted;
-drtt, f. warriors;
-fimi, f. skill in arms;
-fimr, a. skilled in feats of arms;
-flaki, m. mantlet of boards;
-fleki, m. (1) = vg-flaki; (2) = -gyrill;
-frekr, a. eager for fight;
-frkn, a. martial, gallant;
-frr, a. able to fight;
-gyrtill, m. a shelter used on ships during battle;
-gyrla (a), v. to protect, fortify with 'vggyrlar';
-hestr, m. war-horse;
-hugr, m. warlike (murderous) mood.
vgi (gen. pl. vgja), n. (1) vantage ground, stronghold (klettrinn var vr ofan ok v. gott); (2) the bulwarks or gunwale of a ship.
vgis-munr, m. difference in vantage-ground (ar var sv mikill -munr, at ar mundi ekki vinna bergit).
vgja (-a, -r), v. (1) to hallow, consecrate, in a heathen sense (tk upp hamarinn Mjlni ok vgi hafrstkurnar); (2) in a Christian sense, to consecrate, ordain (vgja biskup, prest, djkn; vgja e-n til biskups, prests, konungs).
vg-kni, f. = -fimi;
-knn, a. = vg-fimr;
-knska, f. = vg-kni;
-leysi, n. defencelessness;
-li, n. warriors;
-ligr, a. martial, doughty; -ligr velli at sj, of martial appearance;
-ljss, a. having daylight for fighting, ( var sv kveldat, at eigi var -ljst);
-mar, m. warrior;
-mannliga, adv. martial;
-mannligr, a. martial;
-mlugr, a. given to talk of battle;
-mr, a. weary in battle;
-nest, n. poet. armour (?); -nesta bl, sword or spear.
vgr, a. (1) in fighting condition, able to fight (hafa me oss alla vga. menn); v. vel, well skilled in arms, (2) eir drpu karla , er vgt var at, they smote the men that might be slain.
vg-reitr, a. in warlike mood;
-risinn, a. gallant in war;
-risni, f. prowess in arms;
-ro, n., roi, m. glow of war (verpr -roa um vkinga).
vgsakar-aili, m. prosecutor in a suit for manslaughter;
-btr, f. pl. vgsbtr.
vgs-btr, f. pl. compensation for manslaughter;
-gengi, n. backing one in battle (veita e-m -gengi);
-gjld, n. pl. = vgs-btr.
vg-skara (a), v. to furnish with ramparts, fortify;
-skr, a. exposed to war (-sktt rki);
-skerr, pp. furnished with 'vgskr';
-skr, n. pl. battlements, ramparts.
vgsla, f. consecration, ordination (taka vgslu af biskupi).
vg-sloi, m. the section of law treating of battle and manslaughter.
vgslu-dagr, -eir, m. day, oath of consecration;
-fair, m. ordaining father (of a bishop);
-gull, n. coronation ring;
-gr, f. performance of ordination;
-hrtr, m. sacrificial ram;
-hnd, f. ordaining hand;

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