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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


bride; v. einkamla, heita, to come to claim the fulfilment of an agreement, or promise.
vitjan, f. visit (hafi r veitt oss smd me v. yvarrar tignar).
vitkast (-a), v. refl. (1) to recover one's senses; (2) to recover from a swoon (vit).
vitki, m. wizard; vitka lki, in the form of a wizard.
vit-lausa, f. = -leysa;
-lauss, a. (1) mad (hann hleypr egar sem hann s vitlauss); (2) unconscious, senseless (lvir l ar -lauss, en Brr veginn); (3) foolish (-lauss ok illviljar);
-leysa, f. madness, nonsense;
-leysi, n. madness, nonsense;
-leysingr, m. a witless, foolish person;
ltill, a. small-witted;
-mar, m. a man of great intellect, clever man;
-menni, n. a man of great intellect, clever man;
-mikill, a. of great intellect, clever.
vitna (a), v. (1) to witness, attest, with acc. (v. mlit); (2) v. undir e-n, to call one as a witness.
vitna-laust, adv. without witnesses.
vitneskja, f. signal, sign (g v.).
vitni, n. (1) witness, testimony; bera v., to bear witness; bera e-m gott v., to bear one good witness; (2) =vttr, witness, of persons; nefna v., to call witnesses; (3) evidence, outward mark, or sign (var ar orpinn s haugr til vitnis).
vitnir (gen. -is), m. poet. Wolf.
vitnis-burr, m. a bearing witness; giving evidence, testimony;
-brr, a. able to bear witness;
-fastr, a. proved by evidence;
-fjall, n. the mount of the covenant;
-lauss, a. unattested (-lausar sgur);
-mar, m. witness, = vttr;
-rk, f. the ark of the covenant.
vit-or, n. (1) knowledge (ekki var margra nianna -or hans tterni) vera (, me) e-s -ori, to be known to one (at var margra manna -ori); (2) privity (vera rum ok orum me e-m um verk).
vitors-mar, m. a person cognizant (-rnar ess verks).
vitr (acc. vitran), a. wise (v. mar).
vitra, f. (1) wisdom, sagacity; (2) knowledge (v. gs ok ills).
vitra (a), v. to manifest, reveal (v. mnnum orna hluti); refl., vitrast, to reveal oneself, appear in a dream or vision (mikit er um fyrirburi slka, er hann sjlfr vitrast okkr).
vitran, f. (1) revelation; (2) vision, appearance in a dream.
vitringr (-s, -ar), m. wise man, sage (var orgnyr inn mesti v.).
vitr-leikr, m. wisdom, sagacity.
vitrleiks-mar, m. = vitringr.
vitr-liga, adv. wisely, with wisdom;
-ligr, a. wise, judicious, sensible (-lig stjrn, ragr);
-mll, a. wise in speech (hon er vn ok -ml).
vits-munir, m. pl. sense, sagacity; koma -muni vi e-n, to outwit one.
vit-stola, a. indecl.,
-stolinn, pp. out of one's mind, insane.
vitt, n. sorcery, charms.
vitta (-tta), v. poet. to bewitch, charm (vitti hon ganda).
vitta-fullr, a. full of charms.
vittugr, a. skilled in witchcraft.
vitugr, a. sensible, clever.
vitund, f. = vitand.
vit-vandr, a. requiring cleverness.
vizka, f. wisdom, sagacity.
vizkr, a. clever, sensible (vel v.).
vizku-brag, n. wise contrivance;
-liga, adv. wisely;
-ligr, a. wise;
-mar, m. wise man;
-munr, m. difference in wit;
-samligr, a. wise;
-tr, n. the tree of knowledge.
va (-ara, -ast), adv. (1) widely far and wide, in many places (vru eir vi gtari ok vfrgri sem eir fru vara); vast um verldina (in the wide world) fannst eigi s mar; (2) largely, extensively (hann l v. fr).
va (-dda, -ddr), v. to widen (braut sinn ok vddi vkina).
viatta. f. wideness, openness, of a district (fari n vittu jarar).
vidd, f. width, wideness, extension.
vierni, n. extension, extent.
v-famr, a. extensive, far-reaching,
-fleygr, a. wide-flying;
-frgja (-a , -r), v. to make widely known;
-frgr, a. far-renowned, famous;
-frli, f. extensive travelling;
frull, a. far-travelling.
vi-hll, m. a peg of willow.

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