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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


leggja -hendr yfir e-n, to lay hands on, of a bishop;
-kaup, n. coronation fee;
-kli, n. pl. consecration robes;
-mar, m. one in holy orders;
-skr, n. coronation robes;
-sver, n. coronation sword;
-vatn, f. holy water.
vgs-ml, n. a suit for manslaughter.
vg-spr, a. boding of war;
-spjll, n. pl. tidings of war.
vgs-vti, n. punishment for manslaughter.
vg-sk, f. suit of manslaughter;
-tl, n. pl. murderous tools;
-tnn, f. canine tooth, tusk;
-vl, f. war-trick, war-engine;
-vllr, m. battle-field;
-vlr, m. 'battle-stick', weapon;
-rima, f. din of battle;
-rot, n. end of the battle;
-sa, v. to furnish with vgsar;
-r, f. a kind of dart.
vk (gen. vkr, pl. vkr), f. inlet, small bay; ra v. e-n, to row one round, get the better of one.
vking, f. freebooting voyage, piracy, (hann var v. sumrum ok fekk sr fjr); liggja vkingu. ok hernai, to be engaged in freebooting expedition and warfare; fara v., to go out on a freebooting expedition.
vkinga-bli, n. haunt of sea-rovers (vikings);
-hfingi, m. chief of vikings;
-li, n. company of vikings;
-skei, f. viking's ship.
-skip, n. viking's ship.
vkingligr, a. like a viking.
vkingr (-s, -ar), m. (1) freebooter, sea-rover, pirate, viking (Flki Vilgerarson ht mar, hann var v. mikill); (2) in later times, robber, highwayman.
vkings-efni, n. one likely to become a great viking.
vkingskapr (gen. -ar), m. piracy.
vkja (vk; veik, vikum; vikinn), v. (1) to move, turn, with dat. (sveinninn mtti hvergi v. hfinu); hann veik sr hj dyrunum, he passed by the door; v. e-m af hendi, to turn one off, dismiss; v. e-u af sr, to decline (A. veik vi af sr); v. e-u til ra (atkva) e-s, to hand it over to one's decision; v. tali, ru, mli til e-s, to turn one's speech to one, address oneself to one; v. til e-s, to mention, refer to (hefr hann sv kvit, at hann vkr til lafs konungs); v. til vi e-n, to broach it to one; v. e-t, to hint at (. vkr nkkut orgeirsdrpu misokka eira); v. vi e-n = v. til vi e-n; vkja sv bkr til, at, the books indicate that; (2) to move, go (eir vkja egar eptir essum mnnum); v. aptr, to return (eir vku aptr ok leita eira); hann veik heim, he returned home; v. til norrttar, to trend north (at rki vkr til norrttar); v. inn til hafnar, to veer round and seek harbour (nnur skipin viku inn til hafna af leiinni) v. eptir e-m, to follow one's example v. eptir e-u, to yield to (v. eptir freistingu fjndans); (3) impers. to turn, trend; landinu. vkr til landnorrs, the land trends to north-east; sv veik vir veginum, at ar var hraungata mikil, the road was of this nature; n veik sv vi, at liit fr yfir eina mikla. now it came to pass; n vkr sgunni vestr til Breiafjarardala, now the story turns west to B.; en ar veik annan veg af, it turned out quite another way; (4) refl., vkjast, to turn oneself; v. aptr, to return; hn sat ok veikst eigi, she sat and stirred not; v. eptir e-u, to turn after, imitate; v. undan e-u, to evade, decline; v. undan vi e-n, to refuse one; v. undir hlni vi e-n, to do homage to; v. vi e-t, to respond to (kva hann vel hafa vikizt vi sna nausyn).
vkjanligr, a. yielding, pliant.
vkva, v. = vkja (v. skapi sinu til e-s).
Vk-verjar, m. pl. the men from the district 'Vik' in Norway;
-verskr, a. from the 'Vik', of persons.
vl, n. wisely, wretchedness (v. ok erfii);
-mgr, m. wretch, bondsman;
-sir, m. misery, distress;
-sinni, n. misery, distress; -sinnis sp, evil prophecy;
-stigr, m. path of misery, woeful path.
vn, n. wine;
-belgr, m. wine-bag;
-ber, n. grape;
-berill (pl. -berlar), m. wine-vessel.
vnberja-kngull, m. bunch of grapes.
vn-byrli, m. cup-bearer;
-dropi, m. drop of wine;
-drukkinn, pp. drunken with wine;
-drykkja, f wine-drinking;
-drykkr. in. drink of

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