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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


vintta, f. friendship (binda, halda, vinttu vi e-n).
vintta-bo, n. friendly offer, offer of friendship;
-brag, n. friendly turn;
-heit, n. promise of friendship;
-kveja, f. friendly greeting;
-mark, n. token of friendship;
-ml, n. message, intercourse, of friendship;
-merki, n. =-mark;
-samligr, a. friendly, amicable.
vin-bein, n. collar-bone,= vibein (lestist vinbein hans).
vinda (vind; vatt, undum; undinn), v. (1) to twist, wring, squeeze; v. kli sn, to wring one's wet clothes; v. sik = v. klei sn (vru allir vtir ok tku at v. sik); v. e-t sundr, to break, snap asunder (hann vatt ljinn sundr milli handa sr); (2) to wind, twist; v. vef, to wind the woof; r r sandi sma undu, they wound a rope out of sand; (3) to wind, hoist up by means of a 'vindss'; v. segl, to hoist sail (eir undu segl sn.); v. upp akkeri, to weigh anchor; vindum af rfrit af sklanum, let us pull the roof off the hall; (4) to turn, swing; hfi vatt Gunnarr ok Hgna til sagi, G. turned his head and spoke to H.; v. eldsku nfrarnar, to hurl a burning brand on the roof; vindr upp sjnum, he suddenly lifted up the money-bag; (5) refl., vindast, to make a sudden movement, turn oneself quickly; pres. 'vizt' ( vi kemr orgerr inn, ok vizt Helgi vi fast ok fellr ofan af ilinu).
vinda, f. hank of yarn.
vinda-br, f. draw-bridge.
vindandi, f. the use of v (vend) before r, as in v-rangr, v-reir.
vind-auga, n. window, = vind-gluggr.
vind-ss, m. winding-pole, windlass (eir undu me -sum).
vind-belgr, m. wind-bag, bellows;
-blaka, f. wind-flow, breeze;
-blsinn, pp. distended by the wind;
-blstr, m. wind-blast;
-blr, m. light air, breath;
-fullr, a. windy;
-gluggr, m. window;
-gul, n. air, wind. breeze;
-heimr, m. world of the winds the air;
-hjlmr, m. 'wind helmet', the sky.
vindingr, m. strips of cloth for winding round the leg.
vind-kaldr, a. wind-cold.
vindla (a), v. to wind up (v. ull).
Vind-land, n. the land of the Wends.
vind-lauss, a. windless, calm (ver var -laust A sjkyrt).
vind-lenzkr, a. Wendish.
vindli, m. wisp (fjka sem v.).
vind-ligr, a. windy (ver var -ligt);
-ltill, a. light of wind, calm (ver vru vindltil).
vindr (-s or -ar), m. (1) wind; v. var noran, it blew from the North; (2) air (gekk sv milli vina sinna nliga sem hann i vind).
vindr, m. winding-stairs.
vindr (vind, vint), a. awry.
Vindr, m. pl. the Wends.
vinds-blr, m. = vindblr;
-bylr, m. gust of wind;
-fullr, a. = vind-fullr;
-gnr, m. squall of wind.
vind-skei, f. barge-board.
vind-sti, n. the direction of the wind;
-svalr, a. = -kaldr.
vindugr, a. exposed to the wind (ek hekk vin[d]ga meii ).
vind-verska, f. the Wendish language;
-verskr, a. Wendish.
vind-rotinn, pp. short of wind;
-urr, a. wind-dry, air-dried (vir -urr);
-ar, f. pl. 'wind-veins', the arteries;
-ld, f. 'wind-age', a time of tempests.
vin-fastr, a. steadfast as a friend;
-fengi, n. friendship;
-festi, f. steadfastness in friendship.
vingar, pp. standing in friendly relations (vel var Sveinn jarl v. vi lenda menn).
vingan, f. friendliness, friendship.
vinganar-heit, n. pl., -ml, n. pl., -or, n. pl., -svipr, m. promise, assertions, words, look of friendship.
vingast (a), v. to make friends; v. vi e-n, til e-s. to enter into friendship, or friendly relations, with a person.
vin-gjarnliga, adv. friendly, kindly;
-gjarnligr, a. friendly, kind;
-gjf, f. friendly gift;
-gr, a. kind towards one's friends; neut. -gott, friendliness (heldr vil ek gjalda fit, ok mun gott

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