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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


mti koma); -gott var me eim, they were good friends; eiga -gott vi e-n, to be good friends with a person.
vingull , m. a horse's male organ.
vin-gfr, a. procuring friends (mun oss sj sigr ekki -gfr vera);
-gi, n. kindness, amiability,
-hallr, a. (1) partial; eigi var hann -hallr dmum, he was no respecter of persons in his decisions; (2) = -hollr;
-hollr, a. true, steadfast as a friend, affectionate as a friend; -hollr e-m, friendly towards one;
-kaup, n. acquisition of a friend (honum tti r mest -kaup);
-kona, f. female friend; _
-lauss, a. friendless;
-margr, a. having many friends;
-mal, -mli, n. friendly words, assertions (Egill akkai konungi gjafar ok -mli).
vinna (vinn; vann, unnum; unninn). V. (1) to work, labour, do work (smundr vildi ltit v.); v. akri ok plgja, to work in the field and plough; (2) to work, till, cultivate (v. akr, jrina); (3) to work, perform, do; v. verk sin, to do one's work; at verr hverr at v., er tlat er, every one must do the work that is set before him; r hafi mikit strvirki unnit, ye have done a great deed; v. ei, sri, to take an oath; v. btr e-u, to redress; v. e-m beinleika, beina, to show hospitality to one; v. e-m geig, bana, to work harm, death, to one; v. e-m smd, to bring shame, disgrace on one; v. e-m bt (illt), to do one good (harm); v. e-m hefnd, to take revenge on; (4) v. e-m, to wait upon, attend to, tend (Hskuldr ba hana vinna eim hjnum); (5) to win, gain; v. orrustu, sigr, to gain a battle, victory; v. sigr e-m, to obtain a victory over, defeat, one; (6) to win, conquer (v. land, borgir, skip); v. e-t aptr, to recover by conquest, reconquer (v. aptr at rki, er ltit er); (7) to overcome, master, get the better of (eir tla, at eim muni illa skjast at v. oss); (8) to avail (veit ek eigi, hvat at vinnr); e-t vinnr e-m rf, it suffices, is sufficient for one (rf vinnr hverjum presti at segja eina messu); v. e-m at fullu, to be quite sufficient for one, do away with, kill (tk hann stt , er honum vann at fullu); (9) to withstand, with dat., = v. vi e-u; skpum vir (= vinnr) manngi, no man can withstand his fate; (10) followed by an adj. or pp., to make (v. e-n sran, reian, baran, felldan); vann hann yfirkominn Harald, he succeeded in vanquishing, H.; v. hefnt, to take revenge; v. annat, to prove; (11) to reach smuu einn stpul, arm er eir tluu at v. skyldi til himins); (12) with preps., v. at e-u, to be busy with (v. at heyi); v. at svnum, sauf, to tend swine, sheep; f ekki at unnit, to effect nothing (ekki munu r f at unnit sv bit); v. at e-m, to do away with, kill (at var markat tjaldinu, at Sigurr vann at Ffni); v. e-t , to do, effect (hfum vr mikit unnit vrri fer); v. e-m, to do one bodily injury, v. verka e-m (me ann hug at v. Gunnari); v. e-t til e-s, to do one thing in order to obtain or effect another (vildi hann v. at til sttar me eim brrum); at vil ek til vinna, that I am ready to do; v. til e-s, to make oneself worthy of, deserve (v. til daua); v. til fjr ok frgar, to act so as to gain money and fame; v. vi e-u, to withstand (mtti hann ok eigi vi skpum v. n snu aldrlagi); v. e-n yfir, to overcome; (13) refl., virnnast, to last, suffice; mean dagrinn vannst, as long as the day lasted; Illugi elti hann mean eyin vannst, to the end of the island; festrin vannst eigi til jarar, the rope was not long enough to touch the ground; ar stu konur ti fr sem vannst, as there was room; ek vinnst eigi til r at launa, I am unable to reward thee; ekki unnust au mjk fyrir, they did little to support themselves; recipr., vinnast , to wound one another.
vinna, f. work, labour; vera at vinnu, to be at work.
vinnandi (pl. -endr), vinnari, m. worker.
vinningr. m. gain, profit.

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