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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


one (at er vn, at r mundi smdin v.); (5) v. til, to happen (ef at . til at v.); (6) refl., eir viljast eigi vi oss, they bear no good will towards us.
viljar, a. (1) willing, inclined; n vra ek at v. at, I should like to; skal ek eigi vera verr v. en hann, I shall not be less eager (less ready) than he; (2) intentioned, disposed (at drottning mundi miklu verr vilju); vera e-m vel v., well disposed towards one; e-m er ltt viljat til e-s, one does not like a person; jtta v nkkuru, er eirm vri eigi vel viljat, not to their liking.
vilja-gr, a. well disposed;
-lauss, a. joyless;
-leysa, f., want of will;
-leysi, n. want of will;
-ligr, a. voluntary.
viljan-liga, adv. willingly;
-ligr, a. willing.
viljari, a. compar., viljastr, a. superl. = vildari, vildastr, see 'vildr'.
viljug-liga, adv. readily.
viljugr, a. (1) willing, ready (v. til e-s); (2) to one's liking (hvrt sem henni vri at viljugt ea mir).
vilkit, a. n., poet. not good, dismal.
villa, f. (1) error, falsehood; (2) heresy; (3) delusion.
villa (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to lead astray (ntt hefir mik villt); ok er sv villt fyrir mr, at, I am so bewildered that; (2) to falsify, counterfeit (v. heimildir . f); villtar rnar, dark, obscure runes; rsta (rnar) villt, to mis-write, write wrong; v. leitina fyrir e-m, to confound the search, put one on a wrong scent; (3) refl., villast, to go astray, lose one's way (hafi hann villzt ok snizt fr gui); with gen., n villtust eir vegar, now they lost the road; villtust hundarnir farsins, the hounds lost the track; eim llum villtist sn, at engi eira mtti finna hann, they were all so bewildered that none of them could find him.
villi-br, f. venison;
-dr, n. wild beast;
-eldr, m. wild-fire;
-fygli, n. wild fowl;
-frr, a. bewildering, difficult to find the way (var eim -frt til bjarins);
-graungr, m. wild bull;
-gltr, m. wild boar;
-ra, a. indecl. bewildered;
-saur, m. wild sheep;
-skgr, m. wild forest;
-sk, n. bewildering cloud;
-stigr, m. wild false path;
svin, n. wild boar.
villr, a. (1) wild, false (hverfa af villum gtum); (2) bewildered, erring, astray; fara v., fara villt, to go astray (hann fr v. um strar merkr ok kunnar); (3) perplexed, uncertain (eir uru villir hvra hnd eim sjr skyldi liggja); with gen., fara v. vegar, to go astray.
villu-trnar, m. false belief, unbelief;
-biskup, m. false bishop;
-bnd, n. pl. bonds of error;
-dmr, m. error;
-draumr, m. false dream;
-dr, n. = villidr;
-efni, n. cause of error;
-fullr, a. erroneous;
-gata,f. wrong path;
-karl, m. = -mar;
-kast, n. wrong throw;
-keisari, m. false (heretic) emperor;
-lauss, a. free from error, orthodox;
-mar, m. heretic;
-ntt, f. night of error;
-samligr, a. erroneous, false
-samr, a. erroneous, false;
-spmar, m. false prophet;
-stgr, m. = villistgr;
-tr, f. unbelief, heresy;
-vegr, m. way of error.
vil-ml, n. kind word, word of good will
-mli, n. kind word, word of good will (hafa -mli vi e-n);
-mltr, pp. speaking to one's liking (vera -mltr e-m).
vilna (a). v. (1) to make concession to, favour one (au ein kaup hfu eir vi tzt, at eim var eigi vilnat ); (2) refl., vilnast e-s, to hope for, wish for, a thing (vilnaist bann jafnan gus miskunnar).
vilnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) joy, comfort; (2) hope.
vilnan, f. = vilnar; irast me v., to repent with hope.
vilt, a. n. from 'vildr' and 'villr'.
vimpill, m. 'wimple', veil.
vin (gen. -jar), f. meadow.
vin, m. friend,= vinr.
vina, f. female friend.
vina-bo, n. feast of friends
-fundr, m. meeting of friends;
-skipti, n. change of friends;
-styrkr, m. strength, backing of friends;
-vandr, a. particular as to friends;
-veizla, f. = -bo.

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