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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


becomes cold, severe; vetri, vetri, last winter; (2) year (sextn vetra gamall); tu vetrum sarr, ten years later.
vetra (a), v. to become winter; lr fram haustinu ok tekr at v., the winter began to set in, it became wintry.
vetrar-braut, f. winter- road
-dagr, m. winter-day; -dag, in the winter;
-far, n. the course (character) of winter (sagi hn mnnum forlg sin ok -far ok ara hluti);
-langt, adv. during winter, throughout the winter;
-megn, n. the severest part (the depth) of winter;
-nau, f. severe winter;
-rki, n. = vetrar-nau (-riki var mikit);
-t, f. winter-tide;
-timi, m. winter-time.
vetra-tal, n. number of winters, years (fyrr rosknir at afli en -tali).
vetr-beit, f. winter pasture;
-bjrg, f. winter provender;
-gamall, a. a year old (-gamalt lamb);
-gata, f. winter-road;
-gemlingr, m. a sheep a winter old;
-gestr, m. winter guest;
-gri, n. winter-stay, winter-quarters (bja e-m -gri);
-hagi, m. winter pasture;
-hringr, m. the milky way;
-hs, n. pl. winter houses, opp. to 'sel';
-langt, adv. = vetrarlangt;
-lti, m. one who has passed a winter, 'winter-old' bear;
-ligr, a. wintry;
-lgr, a. lying up in harbour for the winter.
vetrntta-helgr, f. the first Sunday in the winter-season;
-skei, n. the season when winter sets in.
vetr-ntr, f. pl. the winter nights (the three days which begin the winter season);
-seta, f. winter quarters;
-taka, f. taking a winter-guest.vetrtaks-mar, m. winter-guest.
vetrtku-mar, m. winter-guest.
vetrungr (-s, -ar), m. an animal one winter old, yearling, esp. a calf
vetr-ver, n. winter weather;
-vist, f. winter abode, winter quarter.
vett, n. lid of a chest, see 'vtt'.
veit-fangr, -rim, -vangr, see vtt-, etc.; vettugi, see vttugi.
vurr, m. holy warder.
vexa (-ta, -tr), v. to rub with wax.
vi or vir, prep. with dat. and acc.; I. with dat. (1) against; hann sl honum nir v. steininum, he dashed his head against the stone; hs liggja v. velli, the houses lie in ruins; kasta sr nir v. velli, to cast oneself down on the ground; er inn efri kjptr v.         himni, en inn neri vi jru, the upper jaw touches the heaven, the lower the earth; hann hj hann upp v. garinum, he smote him close by the fence; skera af sr strenginn vi xinni, to cut the string, asunder against the axe; (2) against, towards,         of direction; horfa, v. e-m, to look towards, face; (3) along with (hann hafi marga smiu v. sr); (4) with,         of an instrument (jarl hljp upp v. sveri); (5) among; gengu san sti sin v. rum mnnum, among other men; (6) denoting barter, exchange, against, for (geta gull v. grjti); (7) denoting remedy, against (hjlpa e-m v. e-u); (8) against, denoting contest, warding off (hafa lisafla v. e-m); hafa (viz. afl) v. e-m, to be one's match; (9) ellipt. usages;         stinga v. ftum, to stop; hrfa v., to catch hold; bast v., to make oneself ready; risa v., to withstand; hvatz hann fir v., whatsoever he may object; II. with acc. (1) by, at, close to (snia skeggit vi hkuna); skjldr vi skjld, shield to shield; v. Sandhla        ferju, at Sandholferry; v. veginn, by the wayside; v. Ana, by the river; draga segl v. hn, to hoist the sail to         the top; festa e-n v. mei, tr, to fasten to a pole, tree; binda v. ft e-s, to bind up a broken leg; dr upp flka v. austr, in the east; (2) of time,         towards, at; v. solar-setr, at sunset; v. sl, with the sun, (it sunrise; v. aptan, towards evening; vera v. aldr,         to be stricken in years; (3) at, by (vera heima v. b sitt); Hrtr var v. skip um sumarit, H. stayed by his ship         during the summer; sitja v. stri, to sit at the rudder; styja sik v. e-t, to lean on; ganga v. staf, to walk with a staff; vera v. e-t, to be present at;         sitja v. drykk, to sit at drink; (4) denoting direction; sn v. binn, within sight of the town; (5) denoting

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