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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


company, with (bau eim heim vill alla sna menn); v. annan, riia, fjra mann, being two, three, four altogether; (6) towards (a person or thing), respecting, regarding (mildr blr, gr v. e-n); til gzlu v. e-n: for keeping, watching one; brddr v. e-n, afraid of one; (7) of cause, by, at; falla v. hgg, to fall by a stroke; sigla v. stjrnuljs, to sail by star. light; vera reir v. e-t, to become wroth at; (8) as compared with, set off against (rjta mun okkr illsku v. ik); eigi minna virr en v. konunginn, of equal worth with the king; (9) according to, after (gera kli v. vxt e-s)) , v. sik, in proportion; hann var skapar allr v. sik, well shaped, symmetrical; vita, hvat v. sik vri, to know what was the matter; (10) denoting means, with, by (v. essar fortlur); tendra eld v. e-t, to make fire by; (11) ellipt. usages; brega vi, to start; hann agi v., he remained silent; f v. rj skip, to add three ships; urfa v., to need; bjarga, hjlpa e-u v., to help, put right; koma e-u vi, to bring about.
vi (gen. -jar, pl. -jar), f. withy, withe; collar (vijar af gulli).
via, (a), v. to furnish wood.
via, f. (1) mast (lt hann reisa viuna ok draga seglit); lta skip renna at (or ) vium, to let the ship run under bare poles; (2) a high deck or bridge, amidships on ships of war (Sverrir konungr hljp upp viuna).
vian, f. cutting and fetching wood.
viar-bulungr, m., -byrðr, f., a pile, burden, armful of wood;
-fang, n. a pile, burden, armful of wood;
-flaki, m. hurdle (scaffolding) of wood;
fng, n. pl. wood-stores;
-hlass, n. load of wood;
-hgg, n. wood-cutting;
-lauf, n. wood-leaves;
-mark, n. mark on a tree;
-rif, n. the right of taking faggots;
-rt, f. root of a tree;
-runnr, m. grove;
-taka, f, wood-pilfering;
-tg, f. tough root;
-tlga, t. wood-cutting;
-teinungr, m. wand;
-val, n. picked wood
-verk, n. wood-work;
-vxtr, m. young plantation, brushwood;
x, f. wood-axe.
via-val, n. selection of timber.
vi-band, n. withy-band.
vi-bra, f. objection, pretext;
-bein, -beina, n. collar-bone;
-bit, n. butter.
vi-bitull, m. withy-bridle.
vi-bjr, m. disgust, dislike (mr er -bjr vi e-u, um e-).
vi-bjrn, m. wood-bear, black bear.
vi-bland, n. admixture (taka -bland af e-u).
vi-bori, m. the broadside turned towards the enemy; vera (hafa sik) bora, to be broadside on, in an an opposed position.
vi-brag, n. (1) quick movement, start; skjtligr -bragi, on the alert; seinligr -bragi, slow in his movements; brega engum -brgum, to make no starts, not to stir; (2) look, countenance, outward appearance (skolbrnn ok nkkut grimmligr -bragi)
-brekt, a. n. steep, uphill, opp. to 'forbrekkis' (var -brekt at ra at bnum);
-bnar, m., -bningr, m. preparation; hafa bna, -buning, to get oneself ready.
vi-fall, n. (1) the lowering of a mast (vir); (2) prosperous issue (vntir mik, at eigi fi eir -fall aan af); n ngu -falli, to come to no conclusion.
vi-fang, n. (1) dealing with; gr, harr, illr -fangs, good, hard, bad to deal with; (2) pl., -fng, stores, provisions (en er at rtr, mun illt til -fanga).
vifanga-laust, a. n. without provisions.
vi-fellinn. a. pliant, complaisant (vera -fellinn vi e-n);
-fr, f. treatment (hafa verri -farar);
-ganga, f. confession (-ganga synda).
vigrar-mikill, a. requiring great efforts, dangerous (ver var hvasst ok -mikit).
vi-grningr, m. treatment (gr -grningr);
-hjlp, f. help, support.
vi-hgg, n. wood-cutting.
vii-hll, m., see 'vi-hll'.
vija, f. withy, = vi.
vi-kenning. f. (1) an additional kenning; (2) acknowledgement (koma til -kenningar sannleiksins);

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