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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


verri, a. compar. worse;
verstr, superl. worst.
vers, n. verse; Maru v., Ave Maria.
versa (a), v. (1) to put into verse (V. SbgU); (2) to make verse.
versa-bk, f. a book in verse, poem
-gr, f. verse-making.
versna or vesna (a), v. to get worse (hlutr e-s versnar).
ver-sl, a. f. happy in one's husband;
-j, f. mankind, men.
verld (gen. -aldar, pl. -aldir), f (1) world; (2) age.
vesa, v. to be, = vera.
vesala (a), v. to make wretched.
vesaldar-, genitive from 'vesld';
-auki, m. increase of wretchedness;
-mar, m. destitute person.
vesalingr (-s, -ar), m. = veslingr.
vesall (vesl or vesul, vesalt, pl. vesalir or veslir), a. (1) poor, destitute, wretched (vesl arfasta); (2) with gen. wretched in respect of (vesl eru vr konungs).
vesal-ltr, a. shabby;
-liga, adv. miserably;
-ligr, a. wretched, wretched-looking;
-mannligr, a. = -ligr;
-menni, n. paltry person;
-menska, f. stinginess, shabbiness.
vesast (a), v. refl., to be wretched and uncomfortable (Austmenn vesuust illa).
veski, n. bag, knapsack.
v-skp, n. pl. holy ordinances.
vesl, n. a kind of cloak.
vesla (a), v. to make wretched; refl., veslast, to grow wretched, poor.
veslingr (-s, -ar), m. a poor, puny person, wretch (hvat myndi v. essi vara mr btinn).
veslings-mar, m. = veslingr.
veslugr, a. poor, wretched (ftkr ok veslugr landskapr).
vesning, f. being, essence.
vestan, adv. (1) from the west (ru san hina smu. lei vestr, sem eir hfu v. riit); v. um haf, 'from west over the sea', from the British Islands; (2) on the western side of, with gen. (v. bjar); fyrir v., west of, with acc. (fyrir v. vtnin).
vestan-fer, f. journey from the west;
-mar, m. a man from the west;
-ver, n. west wind;
-verr, a. western, westerly (hit rija b tti hann vi sjinn -verum Mrum)
-vindr, m. west wind.
vestarr, adv. compar. more to the west (eigi v. en Hrtafjr).
vestar-liga, adv. toward the west.
vestastr, a. superl., see 'vestri'.
Vest-firingar, m. pl. the men from the West-fjords (Vestfirir), in Iceland.
vest-firis, adv. in the west of a fjord;
-firzka, L a custom in the West-fjords;
-firzkr, a. from the West-fjords.
Vest-fyldir, m. pl. men from the Norse district Vestfold;
-mar, m. a man from the West, one from the British Isles, esp. from Ireland, opp. to 'Austmar'.
vestr, n. (1) the west (fr vestri ok til norrs); s ek fugl fljga r vestri, from the west; (2) adv. westwards, west, towards the west (hvert sinn er rr v. ea vestan); ykki r eigi gott v. ar, there in the west; sigla v. um haf, to sail westwards over the sea, to the British Isles.
vestr-fer, f. a journey to the west;
-fr, f. a journey to the west;
-hlfa, f. the western part or region;
-heru, n. pl. the western districts (of Iceland).
vestri, a. compar. more westerly (v. byg); vestastr, superl. most westerly (liggja essi lnd vestust).
Vestr-lnd, n. pl. (1) the British Isles; (2) the Occident.
vestr-sveitir, f. pl. the western districts (of Iceland);
-vegr, m. the 'western way', i. e. the British Isles (herja -veg);
-vking, f. a freebooting expedition to the West (Vestrlnd)
-tt, f. the western quarter, of the heavens (lta -tt).
vest-rna, f. westerly wind,
-roann, a. westerly (vindar -rnir).
vesla, v. = vesala.
vesll, a. = vesall.
vesld (gen. -aldar), f. misery, wretchedness.
vetlingr, m. glove (cf. 'vttr').
vetr (gen. vetrar, pl. vetr), m. (1) winter; mir v., midwinter; v., this winter; v. verr mikill, the winter

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