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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


verk-dagr, m. work-day;
-efni, n. work to be done, task;
-fkr, m. =-hestr;
-fri, n. implement, tool;
-frr, a. able to work;
-hestr, m. work-horse, cart-horse.
verki, m. verse-making.
verkja (-ti, -t), v. impers. to feel pain, to smart (eigi er s heill, er augun verkir).
verk-kaup, n. wages;
-kona, f. verkakona;
-laun, n. pl. reward.
verk-lauss. a. without pain (verkr), painless (sr verklaus).
verk-ligr, a. active, practical (verkligt lf).
verklundar-mar, m. industrious, hard-working man; Grettir var ltill -rnar, G. had little mind for work.
verk-mar, m. workman, labourer; -mar gr, a good worker.
verknar (gen. -ar), m. work, badness; taka upp verkna, to take to some work; halda verknai hendr e-m, to put one to work.
verk-i, a. mad with pain (verkr).
verkr (-jar, -ir), m. pain (hafa verk augum).
verk-reki, m. servant (-reki e-s).
verks-httr, m. working method.
verk-smir, m. workman;
-smi, f. craft, work.
verksmiar-mar, m. craftsman (engi var hann -mar).
verk-stjri, m. overseer;
-stjrn,f. the supervision of work;
-rll, m. working slave.
ver-lauss, a. (1) without a husband; (2) without a case or cover (dnber -lauss);
-liar, m. pl. men; vinr -lia, friend of men, Thor.
verma (-da, -dr), v. to warm (Egill fr til elds at v. sik).
ver-mar, m. fisherman at an outlying station (ver).
vermi, m. warmth (hafa verma af eldinum; leita sr verma).
vermir, m. -vermi.
Vermjr, m. pl. the men from Vermaland, in Sweden.
vermakr, a. from Vermaland.
vermsl, n , never-freezing sping.
verna (a),v. to protect tdefend(rare).
vernd, f. (1) protection (veita e-m v.); (2) a point for the defence, = vrn (en mli vru engar verndir); (3)= verndan; eiga v. at gera e-t, to have a right, title to do a thing.
vernda (a), v. (1) to protect; (2) excuse (v. sik e-u).
verndan, f. excuse, subterfuge.
verndari, m. protector, defender.
verpa (verp; varp, urpum; orpinn), v. (1) to throw, with dat. (hann varp af sr skildinum); hestrinn fll ok varp honum af baki, threw him off; hann verpr sr sulinn, he throws himself into the saddle; v. af sr klum, to throw off the clothes; v. miliga ndinni, to draw a deep sigh; v. orum (or ori) e-n. to address (essi varp orum konung ok spuri); vntir mik ess, at margir verpi ar gum orum mik, that many men will have good words to say of me; v. e-n inni, to shut one in; impers. to be thrown; ar varp t daun miklum, a great stench came out; (2) v. d, to guess at, calculate (verpa menn sv , at latizt hafi nu menn); (3) to lay eggs (= v. eggjum); (4) to cast up (v. haug eptir fornum si); eir urpu haug eptir Gunnar, they raised a mound over G.; v. aptr hauginn, to shut the cairn; v. vef, to warp a web (s er orpinn vefr ta rmum); (5) pp., orpinn; sandi o., covered with sand; aldri o., bent with age; uppi o. fyrir e-m, quite overwhelmed, at one's mercy; (6) refl., urpust flestir vel vi orsending Danakonungs, they turned a favourable ear to, responded to the call.
verpill (pl. verplar), m. (1) die (kasta verplum til fjr sr); (2) cask (sumr drykkr var verplum).
verpils-tala, f. cubic nuniker.
verpla-kast, n. cast (throw) of dice.
verr (-s, -ar), m. (1) sing. husband (vildi hn ver snum vinna ofrhefndir); (2) pl., verar, men ( ert vsastr vera).
verr, adv. compar. worse; vnu v., worse than expected;
verst, superl. worst (ykki mr at verst).
verr-frungr, m. a person worse than his father.

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