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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


veldis-engill, m. archangel;
-hringr, m. halo round the head of a saint;
-stll, m. throne;
-sti, n. throne;
-vndr, m. sceptre.
vlendi, n. gullet, esophagus.
vlendis-gangr, m. belching.
vel-farandi, m., farewell cup (drekka-faranda, -minni).
velfarar-minni, n. farewell cup (drekka-faranda, -minni).
vel-fer, f. well-doing, welfare;
-ferugr, a. well-behaved, righteous.
vl-fimi, -finni, f. artifice.
vel-grt, f. benefit, goodness
-grning. f. benefit, goodness
-grningr, m. benefit, goodness (hann akkai honum -grning sinn).
velgja (-da, -dr), v. to warm.
vli, n. birds tail;
-firi, n. tail-feathers;
-fjr, f. tail-feather.
vlindi, n. pl. tricks (gera e-m v.).
vlinn, a. wily, guileful.
vli-stuttr, a. short-tailed, of a bird.
velja (vel; valda; valir, valdr, valinn), v. to choose, select, pick out (v. e-n til fylgdar vi sik); v. um e-t, to choose between; er gott um at v., there is plenty of choice; eiga um tv kosti at v., to have two alternatives to choose between; v. e-m. hilig (hr) or, to speak ignominiously to (or of) one; hafa valit l, to have picked troops; refl., veljast til e-s, to come forward (vldust margir gfgir menn til essar ferar).
velkja (-ta, -tr), v. (1) to toss about (eir velktu Tuma lengi); impers., velkir e-n hafi, one is tossed about on the sea; refl., velkjast ti, to be tossed about on the sea; (2) to ponder over, consider; hann sr, at eigi mun duga at v. rit, to waver, hesitate; v. e-t fyrir sr, to turn over, revolve, a thing in one's mind.
vel-kominn, pp. welcome (bija e-n vera -kominn).
vell, n. gold; poet. and in compds.
vella (vell; vall, ullum. ollinn), v. (1) to be in a state of ebullition, boil (rigndi bli vellanda); (2) to well up, swarm; v. mkum, to swarm with worms; ullu t r ormar, worms swarmed out.
velia (-da, -dr), v. to prepare or cook by boiling (v. lauk ok grs).
vella, f boiling heat, ebullition.
vell-auigr, a. rich in gold, immensely rich (mar -auigr).
vl-lauss, a. diezess; at -lauss, -laust, without fraud,
vell-heitr, a. boiling hot.
vellingr, m. pottage.
vel-lyndr, a. well-minded;
-menning, f. good upbringing.
vl-ttr, a. wily, tricky;
-prettr, m. wily tricky;
-rr, a. wily;
-ri, n. guileful design, deceitful act;
-samligr, a. guileful (me -samligri flr)
-samr, a. wily.
vel-setning. f well-doing, good position;
-spr, a. good at soothsaying (vlva -sp).
vl-stuttr, a. short-tailed.
velta (velt; valt, ultum; oltinn), v. to roll, tumble over (ultu bir ofan fyrir brekkuna); impers., veltr til vanda, it goes as usual (ok valt til vanda, at bndr flu).
velta (-lta, -ltr). v. to roll, set rolling, with dat. (v. manna bkum fr ftum jarli); impers., vi nst velti skipinu, she capsized; refl., veltast, to turn oneself, revolve (sl veltist um tta ttir); hestrinn veltist um tlf sinnum, the horse rolled itself over; veltast r konungdmi, jarldmi, to give up one's kingdom, earldom (veltist hann r jarldmi ok tk hldsrtt).
velti-ligr, a. rolling (-ligt hjl).
velting (pl. -ar), f. rolling, rotation.
vel-viljar, a. benevolent.
-viljugr, a. benevolent.
venda (-nda, -ndr), v. (1) to wend, turn (vendi S. aptr herinum); v. sinum vegi, to wend ones way (hann vendir snum vegi austr til landsenda); (2) to change, convert (gu vendi v ok sneri til gs); (3) absol., to turn (eir vendu at fjall, er kallat er Vazfell); v. aptr, to return (vendi hann aptr smu lei).
venda (a), v. to change, alter (v. sium snum).
vendi-liga, adv. (1) carefully (spyrja -liga at e-u); segja -liga fr tindum, to tell minutely; (2) quite, entirely (sv var -liga upp gengit alit lausaf hans);
-ligr, a. careful.
vengi, n. pillow, cushion.
venja (van; vanda; vandr and

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