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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


recipr., veitast at, to back one another (vit Egill munum n v. at); eir veittust at llum mlum, they stood by one another in all suits.
veita (-tta, -ttr), v. to convey, lead (water), with acc. or dat. (v. vatn or vatni); v. nni r enum forna farveg, to divert the river from its old course; impers., veitir vatn til sjvar, the rivers trend towards the sea.
veita, f. (1) draining; (2) ditch; trench; (3) = veiti-engi.
veitall, a. giving freely, generous (v. af peningum).
veitandi (pl. -endr), m. (1) giver; (2) helper, supporter (margir vru veitendr at mlum me orbirni).
veitari, m. giver, donor.
veiti-engi, n. a trenched meadow.
veiting, f, grant, gift.
veizla, f. (1) grant, gift, allowance; (2) help, assistance, backing,= li-veizla; (3) feast, banquet (veizlan fr vel fram, ok var veitt me miklum kostnai); (4) the reception or entertainment to be given to the Norse king by his landed men (lendir menn) and stewards (rmenn), and to the bishop by the priests; the king was said to 'fara at veizlum, taka veizlur'; (5) a royal grant, revenue (fekk konungr honum veizlur miklar); hann hafi r haft alla ssluna suma at veizlu, en suma at lni, partly as a grant, partly as a fief.
veizlu-bnar, m. preparation for a feast;
-dagr, m. banquet-day,;
-fall, n. failure of a feast;
-f, n. fee, money paid in lieu of veizla;
-gjald, n. fee, money paid in lieu of veizla;
-gr, f. feast-giving;
-hll, f. banqueting-hall;
-mar, m. one sustained, supported by another (E. kvest ekki urfa at vera hans -mar);
-skli, m. = -hll;
-spjll, n. pl. the spoiling of a feast (gera -spjll);
-stofa, f. = -hll;
-sveinn, m. a lad supported by one;
-taka, f. the receiving of a veizla.
vekja (vek; vakta; vakir, vaktr, vakinn), v. (1) to waken, rouse from sleep (ori engi at v. hann); (2) to stir, rouse (gr eigi at, son minn, at vekir , er eir hafa r fr horfit); (3) to cause, begin (v. vg, styrjld); (4) v. upp, to waken, rouse (H. vakti upp alla heimamenn sna); fig., hann vakti upp tv boa mikla; (5) to start (broach) a question (E. vakti at ml vi rlf); v. til e-s (or v. til um e-t) vi e-n, to raise the question, introduce the mention of a thing with one (S. konungr vakti til um eyrendi sitt vi Sigur jarl); (6) to make to flow; v. sr bl, to make one's blood flow, open a vein (n vekja eir sr bl ok lta renna saman dreyra sinn); verjum hendr vrar, ef eir vekja fyrri vi oss, if they be the first to quarrel with us.
vekra (a), v. to freshen up, rouse.
vel, adv. (1) well (taka v. vi e-m); v. vexti, well-grown, well-shapen; vera v. til e-s, to be kind to one; mr gefr vel at skilja, I understand quite well; (2) easily (at mtti v. vera inn bani); (3) fully, amply,, largely (v. vegnar fimm merkr); fair hennar hafi v. f, plenty of money; intensive, with adj.; v. flestir, the most part; v. mikill, rather great; v. tuttugu menn, twenty and upwards; hundra manna ea v. sv, a hundred or fully that.
vl (pl. -ar), f. (1) artifice, craft, device; grva vlar til e-s, to contrive some trick to obtain a thing; vi vlar, with artifice, cunningly; draga v. at e-m, beita e-n vlum, to use guile towards one, deal cunningly with one; (2) apparatus, machine; vl til at taka fiska, a contrivance to catch fish; vl er menn kalla ver, an engine that is called a battering ram.
vla (-ta, -tr), v. (1) defraud, betray (illt er vin v. anns r vel trir); v. fr honum sverit, to get the sword from him (by tricks); ek vlta hann r viti, I wiled him out of his wit; (2) v. um e-t, to deal with, be busy with; torveldligr um at v., difficult to deal with.
vla-kaup, n. fraudulent bargain;
lauss, a. guileless;
mar, m. fraudulent or deceitful person;
-samliga, adv. guilefully, craflily.
vel-borinn, pp. well-born, noble.
-burugr, a. well-born, noble.
veldi, n. (1) power (me miklu v.); (2) empire; Dana-veldi, Denmark.

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