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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-skar, n. a flaw in one's honour.
vegs-kona, f. stately lady (A. var -kona mikil);
-munir, m. pl. honours, credit, fame;
-jnasta, f. honourable service.
veg-tjn, n. discredit;
-tylla, f. a scrap of honour.
veg-viss, a. acquainted with the road.
veg-urr, m. impairment of honour (vegurr ea smdarspell).
, interj. woe, with dat., v. er mr, woe is me! v. veri yr, woe to you!
veia (-dda, -ddr), v. (1) to catch, hunt (v. raudri, hreina, fugla); v. fisk, to catch fish; (2) to hunt down an enemy; f e-n veiddan, to get one hunted down.
veiar-efni, n. chance of a good catch;
-fri, n. hunting-gear, fishing-gear.
-tki, n. hunting-gear, fishing-gear.
veii-brr, a. eager to make a catch (vera of -brr);
-dr, n. deer, game;
-fang, n. catch, haul;
-fangi, m. catch, haul;
-fer, f. a fishing or hunting expedition;
, f. a fishing or hunting expedition;
ggn, n. pl. fishing- tackle;
-horn, n. hunting-horn;
hundr, m. hound;
-kona, f. fisher woman, huntress;
-konungr, m. hunting king, a nickname;
-ligr, a. promising a good catch;
-mar, m. hunter, fowler, fisher;
-mannligr, a. hunter-like;
-matr, m. meat (food) from game or fishing;
-mrk, f. hunting-forest.
veiinn, a. expert in fishing or catching (allra manna veinastr).
veii-skapr, m. a catch in hunting or fishing; ra at -skap, to row out to fish; munum vr eigi urfa -skap at kaupa, to buy fish;
-spell, n. spoiling the catch (gera -spell);
-staa, f. fishing-place, hunting-ground;
-st, f. fishing-place, hunting-ground;
-vatn, n. fishing lake;
-vn, f. pospect of a catch;
-vlar, f. pl. traps or devices used in hunting or fishing.
veir (gen. -ar, dat. and acc. -i; pl. -ar), f. hunting fishing, catch (ll v. fugl ok fiska); fara veiar, to go out hunting; honum. er veirin meiri, still there is bigger game in him.
veifa (-a, -t), v. to wave, swing, (veifi hann Mjllni morgjrnum fram); veifi hann ri, he pulled the oar; refl., veifast um lausum hala, to 'wag a loose tail', be free to do as one pleases.
veifi-skati, m. spendthrift; engi -skati, rather close-fisted.
veig (pl. -ar), f. (1) strong beverage, drink (hann skal drekka drar veigar); (2) pith, strength (fr at l aptr, er honum, tti minni veig ).
veigar, a. brocaded(?).
veik-dmr, m. weakness, infirmity;
-leikr, m. weakness, infirmity;
ligr, a. weakly.
veikr, a. weak (hornbogi v.).
veilindi, n. disease, ailment.
veill, a. (1) ailing, diseased (veill ftum); (2) wretched.
veina (a), v. to wail (hann veinai mjk, er hann hafi misst konu sna).
veinan, f. wailing (p ok v.).
veisa, f. pool, pond of stagnant water (var v. ein yfir at fara).
veita (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to grant, give (v. e-m. l, hjlp, huggun, gri, trygir); (2) to help, assist, stand by one (eir veittu Gizuri hvta hverju mli); (3) to grant, permit (. beiddist at sj gripina, ok at veitti hn henni); v. e-m bn, to grant one a request; (4) v. veizlu, to give a feast; v. brkaup e-s, to hold a wedding; v. tfer e-s, to hold a funeral feast; also absol. to give a feast or entertainment (v. strmannliga, me inni mestu rausn); (5) to entertain, treat (konungr veitti sveitungum snum); (6) to sustain, support an indigent person (sra Haflii veitti essi gu konu allt til dauadags); (7) of a performance; v. e-u hald, to lay hold on; v. atfr, heimfer at e-m, to make an expedition against one; v. e-m atskn, to allack; v. e-m verka, to inflict a wound on; v. e-m eptirfr, to pursue one; (8) e-t veitir e-m ungt, erfitt, it proves hard, difficult for one (Dnum veitti ungt atsknin); impers., keisaranum veitti ungt, the emperor had the luck against him; e-t veitir erfitt, it is hard work; Geirmundi veitti betr, G. got the better of it, carried the day; (9) to happen (at veitir sjaldan, optliga, stundum); (10)

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