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Viktor Rydberg's Investigations into Germanic Mythology Volume II  : Part 2: Germanic Mythology
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


veftr, m. (1) woof, weft; (2) cloth.
vega (veg; v, vgum; veginn), v. (i) to lift (hann vegr heyit upp herar s); v. e-n bl, to lift one on the ' funeral fire; v. e-n r skgi, to inlaw one; (2) to weigh (verum vr at leita at sklum, ok v. hringinn); fig., skal yr engi vera traustari vin, ott r vegit at lfit, though ye esteem it little; (3) to weigh, be of weikht (hvert haglkorn v eyri); (4) to fence, fight (smite) with a weapon (hann v sv skjtt me sveri, at r ttu lopti at sj); (5) v. at e-m, to attack one, flght against one (ungr skal at ungum vega); (6) to gain by fighting; v. sigr, to gain the victory; v. sigr e-m, to overcome, beat, vanquish; v. til landa, to win land weapon in hand; (7) to smite, slay, kill; v. mann, v. vg, to slay a man; (8) refl., at sver, er sjlft mun vegast, the sword that will fight of itseff; vst meirr hlut Grikkja, the Greeks lost more men; recipr., vegast, to slay one another.
vega-bt, f. way-mending;
-mt, n. pl. meeting of roads.
vegandi (pl. -endr), m. slayer, killer (ef v. beiir sr gria).
veg-farandi (pl. -endr), m. wayfarer.
vegg-berg, n. steep precipitous rock.
-hamarr, m. steep precipitous rock.
veg-girni, f. ambition, vanity.
veggjar, pp. walled (veggjaar ok vgskerar borgir).
veg-gjarn, a. ambitious, vainglorious (fgjarn ok veggjarn).
veggr (gen. -jar and -s, pl. -ir), m. wall (hlaa vegg); fig., var lgr v. undir solina, the sun was low above the horizon.
vegg-sleginn, pp. wedge-formed (x -slegin ok ykk).
vegg-ili, n. wainscoting veggili vru tjldu me fgrum skjldum).
veg-ltr, a. stately, high-minded;
-liga, adv. nobly, magnificently;
-ligr, a. grand, magniflcent;
-lyndi, n. generosity;
-lyndr, a. generous, high-minded;
-mannligr, a. magnicent;
-mensks, f. noble manners, generosity.
veg-mr. a. tired of the journey.
vegna, (a), v. to proceed, go (v. vel, illa); eim hafi illa vegnat, they had done badly, had bad luck.
vegna, gen. pl. (1) tveggja v., on (from) two sides (skja eir n at honum. tveggja v.); (2) (or af) v. e-s, on one's behalf, also simply, v. e-s, on one's account or behalf, on the part of minna (vrra) v., on my (our) behalf
veg-nest, n. traveling provisions.
vegr (gen. -ar and -s; pl. -ir and -ar, acc. -u and -a), m. (1) way, road ( vegum ti); (2) fig. phrases, koma e-u til vegar, to bring about; fara til vegar, to go, proceed (ekk i mun r um, at kenna, hversu sem til vegar ferr); ganga (koma) til vegar, to come to an issue, be decided (gekk at ok eigi til vegar); gera endiligan veg mli, to bring it to an issue; venda snum vegi, to wend one's way; (3) way, mode, manner; essir menn munu skja oss me eldi, er eir megu eigi annan veg, if they cannot (get at us) in any other way; einn veg, one way, in the same way; annan veg, other-wise (er annan veg en ek hygg); ann veg, thus, in that wise (etta er ekki ann veg at skilja); hvern veg, how (eigi veit ek hvern veg mun vera);tti sinn veg hvrum, each of the two had his own opinion, they disagreed; alla vega, in every way, manner, respect; marga vega, in many ways; (4) direction; alla vega, in all directions, on all sides (kvu vi lrar alla vega braut fr eim); skjt annan veg, in another direction; sna hverr sns vegar, each his own way, in different directions; flja vis vegar, to flee scattered about; (5) side, hand; eins vegar, on one side (var eins vegar sjr); hgra (vinstra) veg e-u, on the right (left) hand of; tv vega, on two sides.
vegr (gen. -s), m. honour, distinction (er yr at v. mikill); til vegs gui, to the glory of God.
vegr, f. pl. levers, see 'vg',
veg-sama (a), v. to honour, glorify;
-samliga, adv. honourably, gloriously (taka -samliga vi e-m);
-samligr, a. glorious (-samlig veizla);
-semd, f, glory, honour (veita e-m heir ok

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