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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


er bezt til vligra egna);
-ltill, a. (1) harmless, doing small harm; (2) very little, very short, of time;
ljgr, m. disappointment (n er mr orinn -ljgr at eim trnai).
vlka, n. tossing to and fro, esp. at sea (fekk harm v. mikit).
vlka (a), v. (1) to toss to and fro, drag with oneself (eigi hfir sv gmlum karli at v. sv vna mey); (2) v. e-t fyrir sr, v. e-t hugnum, to ponder over; (3) refl., vlkast i e-u, to wallow in (eir hfu vlkazt rru ok bli).
v-lyndi, n. ill-will;
lyndr, a. ill-natured, scatheful.
vma, f. qualm, ailment.
vmr, m. a loathsome person.
vn (pl. -ir), f. hope, expectation, prospect; mr er v., at, I expect that; er v. e-s, it is to be expected; sliks var v., this was to be looked for; eim var ills vn at r, they apprehended evil from Th.; sem hann hafi r sagt vn, as he had given to understand; sem v. var at, as was to be expected; vita sr engis tta vnir, to apprehend no danger; konungs var angat v., the king was expected there; e-t stendr til vnar, it bids fair; e-t er at vnum, it is what could be looked for (ok er at at vnum vi skaplyndi orgeirs); vita v. til e-s, to expect; hann vissi enga v., at, he had no expectation that; eiga barn vnum, to have a child in prospect; draga e-t v., to hold out a prospect of; mrgum ykkir fyrir v. komit, many think it is past all hope; er allar vnir vru rannsakaar, when all likely places were searched; dat., vnu, with compar., vnu brara, skjtara, sooner than expected; vnu verr, worse than might be expected.
vna (a), v. to hope, look for, expect, = vnta (ek vna, at g veri essi fer).
vnar-lauss, a. hopeless;
-mar, m. (1) a person who has a prospect of being saved; (2) almsman, beggar
-vlr, m. beggar's staff (bera -vl).
vn-biill, m. a wooer waiting for an answer.
vndr, a. (1) bad, wretched ( vndum klum); (2) bad, wicked (v. hefi ek verit, en aldri hefi ek jfr verit).
vndska, f.,vnd-skapr, m. wickedness; evil conduct.
vnds-liga, adv. badly;
-ligr, a. bad, wicked; harmful.
vn-leysi, n. hopelessness;
-ligr, a. likely, to be expected;
-lygi, m. frustration of hope, disappointment.
vpn, n. weapon (vru sumir vpnum vegnir, sumir grttir til bana).
vpna (a), v. to furnish with arms; v. sik, to arm oneself; refl., vpnast, to take one's arms.
vpna-afli, m. stores of arms;
-bit, n. 'weapon-bite' wound,
-brak, n. din of arms;
-burr, m. (1) carrying of arms ( var sv ltill -burr, at ein var stlhfa alingi); (2) fray, shower of weapons in battle; bar fyrir tan at skip -bur heiingja, their missiles fell outside the ship;
-bnar, m. equipment of arms, armour;
-bningr, m. equipment of arms, armour;
-gangr, m. (1) clash of weapons; (2) shower of missiles
-glam, n., clash of weapons
-gnr, m. clash of weapons
-kista, f. arm-chest;
-mt, n, fight, battle;
-samankvma, f. meeting of weapons, battle;
-skipti, n. (1) exchange of weapons; (2) exchange of blows (oss munu ll -skipti ungt ganga);
-star, m. (1) a place where one may be wounded (sj beran -sta e-m); (2) weapon-mark, wound;
-stefna, f. = -ing;
-tak, n. (1) weapon-grasping, used to express consent by waving or brandishing the weapons (ptu upp allir me -taki, at eir skyldi allir vera tlagir); gera -tak at e-u, to pass a resolution at a public assembly; (2) in the Icel. parliament, the breaking up of the session, when the men resumed their weapons (at heitir -tak, er ala rir af alingi); (3) = -ing;
-viskipti, n. = -skipti;
-ing, n. muster, wapenshaw (um morgininn tti konungr -ing ok kannai li sitt).
vpn-bitinn, pp. dead by the sword;
-daur, a. weapon-dead, = -bitinn;
-djarfr, a. gallant;
-fimi, f. skill in arms;
-fimr, a. dexterous in arms;

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