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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


-frr, a. (1) able to bear arms (M. hafi samnat hverjum manni, er -frr var); (2) fit as a weapon;
-ft, n. pl. armour;
-gfigr, a. glorious in arms;
-hanzki, m. warglove;
-hestr, m. war-horse;
-hfr, a. fit for, manageable, as a weapon;
-lause, a. weaponless, unarmed;
-rokkr, m. coat worn above armour;
-slgr, a. = -fimr;
-stainn, m. stone used as a weapon;
-skja, v. to attack;
-sngr, m. clash of arms;
-vana, a. inded. = -lauss.
Vr, f. one of the goddesses.
vr, n. spring; um vrit, vrin, in the spring ( vrin, er sa leysir); vr, last spring.
vra (a), v. to become spring; impers. ( er vrai; er vra tk); refl., en er viraist, gerist hann hljr mjk, when spring came, he grew very silent.
vrar, f. pl. solemn vow, oath; Helgi Svfa veittust v., H. and S. plighted their faith; armr er vra vargr, wretched is the faith-breaker.
vr-dagar, m. pl. spring days;
-ferill, m. spring-traveller;
-gra, f. spring-fleece.
vr-kunn, f. (1) what is to be excused; er at nkkur -kunn, at verir oss eigi at lii, there is some excuse for thee for not helping us; (2) compassion, pity;
-kunna, v. to excuse, pity, = -kynna.
vrkunnar-bragt,         n. = -verk
-hugr, m. compassionate mind;
-lauss, a. (1) unmerciful; (2) inexcusable;
-leysi, n. mercilessness;
-verk, n. excusable deed.
vrkunnigr, a. merciful, forbearing, compassionate.
vrkunn-ltr, a. forbearing; vera sr -ltr um e-t, to excuse oneself;
-ligr, a. excusable;
-leati, n. forbearance, mercy.
vr-kynd, f. = -kunn; -kynns (-da, A), v. (1) to excuse; (2) to pity.
vr-langr, a. as long as in spring;
-ligr, a. belonging to the spring.
vrr, poss. pron. our; s v., er, the one of us who; skipi hvert vrt stri each of us steered his own ship; fundir vrir (-okkrir) Hkonar, the meeting of H. and myself.
vr-ti, f. spring-tide, spring-time;
-tmi, m. spring-tide, spring-time;
-vking, f. freebooting expedition in spring;
-yrkja (-ta, -t), v. to do the spring-work, in a household;
-ing, n. spring;
-nn, f. spring-work.
vs, n. toil, fatigue, from bad weather (ola v. ok erfii);
-b, f. = vs (var ar hr vsb);
-fer, f. wet (rough) journey.
-fr, f. wet (rough) journey.
v-sjaldan, adv. very seldom;
skapar, m. mischief-maker;
skeytr, a. fickle, shifty.
vs-kli, n. pl. bad-weather clothes;
-kufl, m. rain-cloak;
-kyrtill, m. = -kufl;
-samr, a. wet and toilsome;
-stakkr, m. = -kufl.
v-stigr, m. woeful path.
vs-verk, n. wet work;
-viri, n. bad weather.
vta-drfa, f. fall of sleet;
-reykr, m. wet reek, steam.
vt-frr, a. wet to pass, of a road;
-lendi, n. wet sail.
vtr, a. wet (eir vru vtir mjk).
vtta (a), v. to witness, affirm.
vtta-laust, adv. without witnesses.
vtt-brr, a. admissible as a witness;
-lauss, a. unwitnessed;
-nefna, f. calling witnesses;
-nmdr, pp. attested by witnesses;
-or, n. evidence, testimony.
vttr (-s, -ar), m. witness (hafa vtta vi, nefna vtta).
vtt-visi, f. testimony.
vtvira-samr, a. wet (sumar etta var illt ok -samt).
vt-viri, n. wet weather ( gerir skr mikla ok -viri).
v-veifi, n. fearful suddenness;
-veifis, ad v. all of a sudden.
vveif-liga, adv. suddenly;
-ligr, a. sudden (-ligr hlutir).
v, n. (1) mansion, house; byggja v goa, to dwell in the homes of the gods; (2) temple, sanctuary (vega vg vum).
v, n. pl. standard (poet.).
vear, m. pl. the gods (poet.).
v-bnd, n. pl. the ropes fastened to stakes (heslistengr) by which the court was surrounded.

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