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... In Iron Age Britain two brothers struggle for supremacy. The Archdruid prophesies kingship for one, banishment for the other. But it is the exiled brother who will lead the Celts across the Alps into deadly collision with Rome...
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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


rain with wind;
-ins, m. ice on a lake;
-ker, n. water-vessel;
-kerald, n. water-vessel;
lauss, a. waterless;
-skrn, f. baptism in water;
-skortr, m. lack of water;
-ss, m. mouth of a lake (connected with the sea);
-rs, f. water-course;
-stt, f. dropsy;
-strnd, f. bank of a lake;
-stkkull, m. a brush for sprinkling water;
-veita, f. drain trench, aqueduct;
-vigsla, f. consecration of water;
-vik, f. creek in a lake;
-metr f. vein of water.
vatta (a) v. to grasp with gloves.
vatz-, = vatns-, vaz-.
vax, n. wax (brna sem v. vi eld).
vaxa (vex; x or vx, xum or uxum; vaxinn), v. (1) to wax, grow (hann heyrir at er gras vex jru); v. upp, to grow up ( er hann x upp); honum vx eigi skegg, no beard grew on his chin; (2) v. e-u, to be overgrown with (hrsi vex ok hvu grasi vegr, er vtki trer); (3) to wax, increase (ver, vindr vex); er honum x aldr, when he grew older; e-m vex e-t augu, a thing grows big in one's eyes; (4) to grow greater in fame (Sigurr konungr tti v. mikit af essi veiziu).
vax-blys, n. wax-torch.
vaxinn, pp. (1) grown up (v. mar); (2) overgrown with (grasi, skgi, vii, reyri v.); (3) shapen, formed(Nregr er v. me rem oddum); sv er vi vaxit, the matter stands so.
vax-kerti, n. wax-candle, wax-light;
, n. wax-candle, wax-light;
-spjald, n. wax-tablet, for writing on.
vaxta-lauss, a. without increase or interest.
vaxt-samr, a. fruitful,;productive.
vaz-, (=vats-) the common spelling for 'vatns-'.
vaztir. f. pl. fishing-bank ( r v., er hann var vanr at sitja).
v, (gen. vr), f. woe, calamity, danger; at er ltil v, Tis no great harm; e-m bregr v fyrir grn, one gets a sudden fright (br eim v fyrir grn, er eir s'a Birkibeina).
v, f. nook, corner = vr.
v (va), v. to blame (kynnis ess vr ik engi mar).
v-beia, f. an evil-boding monster;
-brestr, m. a sudden evil-boding crash or sound;
-bl, n. an unlooked for calamity.
v (pl. -ar), f. (1) stuff, cloth as it leaves the loom (sat ar kona, sveigi rokk, bj til var) (2) fishing-net; (3) pl., vir, clothes (vir mfnar gaf ek tveimr trmnnum).
va-hark, n. terrible noise;
-kuldi, m. perilous cold;
-ligr, a. scatheful, perilous;
-samligr, a. = -ligr;
-verk, n. accidental deed, of an unintentional harm inflicted.
v-ss, m. a pole to hang clothes on;
-hfr, a. fit for sail (-hft ver).
vti, m. scathe, danger, peril, of extreme sudden danger (mr ykkir vi va bit, ef); stra e-m til ens mesta, va, to expose one to the greatest danger.
v-ker, n. a tub in which clothes are stamped or trodden;
-meir, m. clothes-pole = -ss.
v-veifliga, adv. suddenly.
v-verk, n. cloth-making.
v-vnligr, a. perilous;
-vnn, a. fraught with danger; straumar vvnir, dangerous currents.
vfa (-a), v. to swing, vibrate to and fro, hang,; v. yfir, to be impending.
vfa, f. ghost, spectre, shade.
vg, f. (1) balance, scales (hann bir Gilla taka vgina); (2) weight (v. min af gulli).
vga (a), v. to dare, venture.
v-gestr, m. dangerous guest.
vg-fll, n. pl. the running of blood and matter from a sore.
vg-glati, m. destruction.
vg-marr, m. 'wave-steed', ship.
vgr (-s, -ar), m. (1) wave, sea; (2) creek, bay; (3) matter from a sore.
vg-rek, n. wreck, goods drifted ashore (skyldi at -rek heita).
vgs-botn, m. inner end of a bay.
vg-skorinn, pp. indented with bays.
vla (a), v. to wail.
vlat, n. misery, destitution (hn grt mjk ftki sitt ok v.).
vlar, a. wretched, indigent, distressed (vesall ok v. ok ftkr).
v-ligr, a. hurtful, harmful (spyrja

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