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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


varnai-t vi trum, she could not forbear weeping.
varnaar-brf, n. letter of protection, safe-conduct;
-mar, m. warder, guardian.
varnar (gen. -ar), m. (1) protection, keeping (hafi hann tekit ml eira . sinn varna); (2) warning, caution; lta sr annars vti at varnai vera, to be warned by another's woe; bja, setja e-m varna e-u, to bid one beware of a thing; margir hlutir vru ar til varnaar mltir, were forbidden; (3) wares, goods (Egill lt upp setja skip sn ok fra varna til staar); (4) household people.
varnan, f. warning, caution.
varnar-, gen. from 'vrn';
-aili, m. defendant in a suit, opp. to 'sknar-aili';
-eir, m., oath, evidence, verdict for the defence;
-ggn, n. pl., oath, evidence, verdict for the defence;
-kvir, m. oath, evidence, verdict for the defence;
lauss, a. defenceless;
-mar, m. defender.
varningr, m. wares, goods, cargo.
var-orr, a. wary in one's words, discreet; cf. 'varmltr'.
varp, n. casting,, throwing, of a net.
varpa (a), v. to cast, throw, with dat. (v. fr sr kyrtlinum); v. ndinni, to draw a deep breath.
varpa, f. fishing-net.
varr (vr. vart), a. (1) aware; vera e-s v., vera v. vi e-t, to be aware of, learn, hear; gera e-n varan vi e-t, to warn a person; gera vart vi e-t, to draw attention to a thing; (2) wary, cautious; vera v. um sik, to be on one's guard; v. vi e-t, on one's guard against.
varr-sími, m. the wake of a ship.
vart, adv. (1) scantily, poorly (konur v. bnar); (2) scarcely.
varta, f. wart (at tekr af vrtur).
vartari, m. strap, thong.
var-ú, f. precaution; gjalda var vi e-u. to beware of.
varar-ml, n. pl. warning words.
var-igr, a. wary, cautious.
var-liga, adv. warily.
varzla. f. surety, caution, guarantee; ganga vrzlu fyrir e-n, to become surety for one.
vasast (a), v. refl., v. ( e-u, to be entanged in, meddle with or in a thing (eigi vil ek v. slku).
vaska (a), v. to wash the head, with dat. (v. hfi, honum, sr).
vask-leikr, m. bravery, valour;
liga, adv. valiantly;
-ligr. a. of brave or gallant bearing.
vaskr, a. manly, valiant ( ert mar v. ok vel at r).
vatn (gen. vatris or vatz), n. (1) water, fresh water (spratt ar v. upp); sl gengr at vatni, the sun sets in the sea; (2) fears (vatnit for nir eptir kjlkanum honum); halda vatni, to forbear weeping; (3) lake (Mjrs er sv mikit vatn, at lkara er sj); (4) pl., vtn, large rivers (hnigu heilg vtn af Himin-fjllum).
vatna (a), v. (1) to water (v. hestum, fnai); (2) to fast on water, = vatnfasta; (3) impers., land vatnar, the land disappears under the (horizon at) sea (eir sigldu rj daga til ess er landit var vatnat).
vatna-djp, n. abyss;
-gangr, m. inundation, overflow, fall of rain;
-hlaup, n. floods, rushing forth of waters;
-vxtr, m. swelling of waters;
-ytr, m. sound of falling waters.
vatn-beri, m. = vatnsberi;
-blginn, a. dropsical;
-daur, a. drowned in fresh water;
-dragari, m. water-carrier;
-dragi, m. water-carrier;
-fall, n. (1) stream, river (sv mikit -fall sem in Ni er); (2) torrents of rain (-fall fylgdi hr sv mikit r lopti, at);
-ftt, a. n. short of water; f -ftt, to become short of water;
-fasta (a), v. to fast on water;
-fasta, f. 'water-fast';
-fiskr, m. fresh-water fish;
-gangr, m. swelling of water;
-kakki, m. water-butt;
-karl, m, jug;
-klfr, m. dropsy;
-ker, -kerald, n. water-vessel;
-lauss, a. = vatnslauss;
-ormr, m. water-serpent;
-rs, f. = vatnsrs.
vatna-bakki, m. bank or shore of a lake;
-beri, m. water-bearer, Aquarius;
-botn, m. upper end of a lake;
-burr, m. carrying water;
-drykkr, m. drink of water;
-endi, m. end of a lake;
-fall, n. = vatnfall;
-farvegr, m. bed of a river;
-fata, f water-pail;
-hri, f. heavy shower of

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