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Zoëga's A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic


varar, tt vr reynim, what risk though we try ?; v. e-m e-t, to entail as a penalty upon one (spuri, hvat konu varai, ef hn vri brkum jafnan sv sem karlar); v. vi lg, to be punishable by law (at tla ek vi lg v. at vinna Mikjlsdegi); ok lt v. riggja marka tleg, he asked for a fine of three marks; (6) to belong to (s jr er klaustrinu varai).
vara, f, pile of stones, cairn (hlaa, reisa vru).
var-berg, n. 'watch-rock', outlook; vera -bergi, to be on the lookout;
-hald, n. (1) holding ward, keeping watch; vera -haldi, to keep watch (hann skyldi gta hesta eira ok vera -haldi); (2) custody (hafa e-n -haldi).
varhalds-engill, m. guardian angel;
-mar, m. watchman.
var-helgi, f. sanctuary, asylum;
-hundr, m. watch-dog;
-hs, n. watch-house.
vari, m. cairn = vara (var v. strr fyrir ofan tjaldit).
var-karl, m. watch-carle, warder;
-klokka, f, watch-bell;
-lokkur, f pl. a kind of magic song, charms;
-mar, m. watchman, warder;
-veita (-tta, -ttr), v. (1) to keep, preserve, with dat. (-veita essum steini); later with acc., sv skal ek ik -veita, at ik skal ekki saka, I shall take such good care of thee, that no harm shall come to thee;-veita sik vi e-u, fr e-u, to abstain from; ef mar tekr gri ok -veitir at ekki, if a man takes up an abode and does not keep it; (2) to observe (-veita gus boorum);
-velsla, f. keeping, custody; f e-m f til -veizlu, to hand money over to one to keep.
varveizlu-lauss, a. watchless, unguarded;
mar, m. warder, keeper.
var-fri, f. wariness;
-frr, a. wary, cautious (lafr ba hann vera varfran).
varg-dropi, m. son of an outlaw.
var-gefin, pp. f. ill-matched, of a woman;
-goldinn, pp. underpaid.
varg-hamr, m. wolf's skin;
-lj, n. pl. wolf-howlings.
vargr (-s, -ar). m. (1) wolf (trollkona sat vargi); (2) thief, robber, miscreant; eya vrgum, to destroy miscreants (3) outlaw (Eyvindr hafi vegit vum, ok var hann v. orinn).
varg-rkr, a. who is to be hunted down as a wolf.
varga-hold, n. wolf's flesh.
varg-skinn, n. wolf's skin.
varga-lki, n. likeness of a wolf (brugu sir Vala -lki);
-rdd, f. voice (howling) of a wolf
varg-stakkr, m. a cloak of wolf's skin (eir hfu -stakka fyrir brynjur);
-tr, n. gallows.
varg-lfr, m. were-wolf.
varg-ynja, f. she-wolf;
-ld, f. age (time) of wolves.
var-haldinn, pp. unfairly treated;
-hluta, a. indecl. vera -hluta fyrir e-m, to get an unfair share, be wronged;
-hugi, m. precaution; gjalda -huga vi e-u, to beware of;
hyg, f. wariness, watchfulness.
vari, m. wariness, precaution; betri er hinn fyrri varinn, fore-thought is better than after-thought; til vara, by way of precaution.
vari, m. the watery substance of the blood (vatn, er menn kalla vara).
varinn, pp. conditioned = farinn (sv er mr varit, at).
varla, adv. hardly, scarcely.
var-launar, pp. insufficiently rewarded; eiga e-m -launat, to be in debt to one;
-leika, a. indecl., vera -leika, to be worsted in a game;
-leiki, m. wariness;
-leitat, pp. n. insufficiently searched (hafa -leitat e-s);
-liga, adv. (1) scarcely, hardly; (2) warily (fara, mla -liga);
-ligr, a. displaying wariness, cautious, safe (at tti -ligra).
varma-hs, n. a warmed room.
varmr, a. warm; var honum varmt mjk, he was very warm.
var-mltr, pp. cautious in one's language; cf. ' varorr'.
varna (a), v. (1) to withhold from one, deny one a thing, v. e-rn e-s (v. e-m liveizlu, mls, rttinda); (2) v. vi e-u, to abstain from (v. vi kjtvi);

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